Absolute Clarity / 3/24 - photography only


Recent Work

  • Blaze In the Harbor by Nancy Richard
  • Montezuma Well National Monument by Kathy Weaver
  • OH No! You Don't Want Fries With That! by Heather Friedman
  • Bald Eagle 2019-9 by Thomas Young
  • LOVE IS PATIENT by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • My Private Meadow by lezvee
  • Cross-Eyed Crab Killer by Ran Richards
  • Wishing You Were Here by Lesliebc
  • Wet Pants by Lesliebc
  • Ghost Gum Ormiston Gorge by Lexa Harpell
  • Elephants wrestling, South Africa by Erik Schlogl
  • Forster Marina 481 by kevin Chippindall

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