Abandoned Items

Items found and photographed in abandoned buildings

Recent Work

  • Keys To The Asylum by Dave Godden
  • Old Testament  by Jennifer Hodney
  • Office at Abandoned Coal Breaker by franceshelen
  • Abandoned Ceramic by Dave Godden
  • Creepy - Tonight we eat snake  by Michael Savad
  • The Red Rocker by Arla M. Ruggles
  • Waiting for tomorrow  by rustyphoto
  • Still Waiting by Bob Christopher
  • The Chair by Dave Godden
  • Forget me not by Oupoot
  • Steampunk - Typewriter - Too tuckered to type by Michael Savad
  • Furniture - Chair - The engineers office by Michael Savad

About This Group

This group is for abandoned personal items, the things left behind. Clothing, dishes, furniture, toothbrushes, hair brushes and maybe even family photos!!!

Abandoned PERSONAL ITEMS only.

The item(s) should be photographed exactly where they were found (IE – abandoned: buildings, churches, businesses, parks, etc. The item(s) must truly be abandoned IN A BUILDING and not something just sitting on the side of the road or against an old brick wall.

We do not accept photos of vehicles, they have over-run our group, this group is about ITEMS IN ABANDONED BUILDINGS…. and ONLY items IN abandoned buildings

Collections, resort furnishings in the off season, work items left out for the evening, children’s toys left outside for the evening, etc., will NOT be accepted.

Fixtures (sinks, bathtubs, etc.) are only accepted when they are a truly unique item or photo. Most will be rejected.

Building exteriors are NOT allowed in this group.

Do not submit doors, handles, latches, hinges, chandeliers, stairs, windows, billboards, roadway signs, new items, exteriors, trash, landscapes, bridges or anything else that would not be considered as abandoned, personal effects.

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