Abandoned Inclination

Group Rules:

  1. Please only post images that belong to you unless you have permission from the image holder to post it. Copyright infringement is highly frowned upon.
  1. Images should only be photographs of abandoned or forgotten places, no creepy looking maintained buildings or digitally rendered artwork.
  1. Images including models or people in abandonedments will be considered, no portraits or headshots. I will be strict. If I feel there is too much model and not enough abandonement it will be rejected.
  1. Nature scenes of any kind do not belong here even if it’s dark and gloomy.
  1. Cemeteries are not considered to be abandoned and will not be accepted for posting.
  1. Nudes will be allowed, but must be tastefully done. Again I will be strict.
  1. No photos of anything depicting death, violence, or anything graphic.
  1. Ghostly images encountered at an abandoned location are acceptable. However, no staged shots, double exposures, Halloween shots, or homemade ghost images.