Abandoned Inclination

Share with us your images of dark, forgotten, or scary places.

Recent Work

  • Leaky Roof by Sheryl Gerhard
  • Grain Elevator by Sheryl Gerhard
  • Any Body There?? by Diane Arndt
  • FORUM WITH A NOD TO PIRANESI by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • On Main Street by indiafrank
  • Bygone carpenter by indiafrank
  • Of no further use by indiafrank
  • Rural Qatar by Michiel de Lange
  • Broken Window  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Caver Home by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Choice Of Doors  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Down The Hall  by Paul Lubaczewski

About This Group

This group is for all who find beauty and mystery in the abandoned places that are scattered across the land wherever you reside. The places that always give you a chill when you see them, yet silently whisper their invitation for you to capture them in images. Some known to be haunted, some just dark and creepy, all abandoned and lost in time.

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