"A WILDERNESS SOMEWHERE - where nothing man-made appears in the photo (see our rules; submit only 2 a day)"

Group Rules:

We accept photos of natural scenery that shows pure nature only,
generally with no man-made items visible in the photo. We accept mountains,
creeks, geysers, volcanoes, rivers,hills, lookouts, views, glaciers,
canyons, streams, deserts, caves, waterfalls & fiords etc. *We are
looking for scenes that you would find in National Parks.

We want to see is stunning scenery as nature intended
it to be seen. Generally we don’t want to see people or buildings or fences or
roads or tire tracks etc, even off in the distance – in fact nothing made
by man, except footprints or hiking tracks!

As a rule we do NOT accept images with People or Man-made items in them. HOWEVER, in some select cases we may depending on the wilderness and how the item appears in it. As long as the focus is not on the man-made item or person, or the presence of it makes the wilderness more apparent – we will accept it in these cases

We do accept individual closeups and macros of animals, birds and wildlife including flowers, but on a limited basis. Our focus will always be on scenery wilderness

The group reserves the right to remove any art work, without prior
warning to artist from the group and /or any challenge that does
not adhere to both group and RedBubble guideline rules.

Please do not be discouraged if your image is not accepted
as we all view things differently and there are to many images
to be able to accept them all.

The Group’s Hosts will not enter into any discussions
regarding rejected images. So Please don’t ask!

Joining and or being an active member of this group means we
have your permission to use your art as an avatar for challenges