A Vision Of Flight Photography

Group Rules:

Not too many rules – just clarifying the scope of the group:

1. Subject MUST be in FLIGHT

If it is not able to fly inherently (or has not been built with the intent of flying) it is NOT acceptable. Falling is not flying.

2. Flying Subject MUST be the focus of the image.

Shots that are originally taken of sunsets/sunrises/flowers etc., where a bird, insect etc., was accidentally caught in the image will not be accepted) – in other words your camera must be focused on the subject (bird, insect, plane etc.) that is in flight.

Acceptable subjects are (if they are shown IN FLIGHT):

  1. Planes
  2. Helicopters
  3. Kites
  4. Hot Air Balloons
  5. Hang Gliders and Para Gliders
  6. Birds & Insects

3. Quality Photos Only – No snapshots – Subject must be in FOCUS

Slight adjustments are allowed (i.e. spot removal; & slight adjustments to clarity/colour/contrast/lighting), but if the photo has been visibly altered (e.g. background removed/replaced, frames added, etc.) the photo will not be accepted. Artistic blur is accepted (e.g. blurred wings to show speed of movement).

4. Photos with writing on them are not allowed – the focus of this group is ‘a vision of flight photography

5. Photos only, please – no other artwork, and no clothing, no stickers etc.

6. Continued abuse of the group’s guidelines will result in removal from the group.

Hosts reserve the right to remove any member who repeatedly ignores these guidelines and to do so without notice.

7. BY SUBMITTING your image to the group you are giving the Hosts permission to use that image as a cover image for a challenge.