A Street Story - 1/24 - is about PEOPLE! No street performers, graffiti or statues, please

A dedicated place for inspiring Documentary, Photojournalistic and Street-Photography images

Recent Work

  • Walking With My Shadow. by brilightning
  • Blue and red by awefaul
  • A moment in advertising by awefaul
  • Kisses on a cloudy day - Paris France by Norman Repacholi
  • Crowd Scene Indian Festival South Perth by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Your Active Life Is Starting Soon by awefaul
  • Father and /daughter Fremantle Markets by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • A phone call away by awefaul
  • Lookin At You Lookin At Me. by brilightning
  • Loneliness by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • stars and stripes  by marxbrothers

About This Group

The basic quality of photography is that it should be believable” – Elliot Erwitt

There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment” – H. Cartier-Bresson

Is a manipulated photograph still a photograph?
No, it’s no longer a photograph. If someone wants to do that, why don’t they learn to paint, or something” – Elliot Erwitt

This group is inspired by the wonderful and classic skill of street photography and photojournalism, of the like from famous photographers such as Elliot Erwitt and Henri Cartier-Bresson, who shaped this style of documentary photography with their purposely candid images.

Please only post images to this group that relate to the style of Documentary, Photojournalism and Street-Photography

Before submitting an image to this group, ask the question:
Does your image convey a ‘story’, a decisive moment captured?

NO GRAFFITI shots, please > better suited to other dedicated graffiti groups.

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