A Skeptical Eye

Group Rules:

■ Artwork submitted to this group must be based on a skeptical theme, or contain a significant element which is.
■ Please include an explanation to support your alternative view
■ In the spirit of free speech and public debate please do not delete unoffensive comments from your artwork’s page. Scepticism is about open scrutiny and itself should also remain eligible to scrutiny.
■ If your submission makes claims without supportive evidence or insufficient evidence or does not contain an apparent skeptical theme then you’re submission may be removed at the discretion of the group’s hosts. Please do not interpret this as a criticism of the quality of you’re talent in your chosen medium.
■ Please do not use trademarked characters or logos in any way. Please be aware of Copyright and Trademark when uploading your works to RedBubble.
■ Please don’t submit several variations on the same work (e.g. different coloured versions).