A Skeptical Eye

Casting a skeptical eye on the world. Please read group rules.

Recent Work

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About This Group

If you are a Skeptic (US spelling) or a Sceptic (UK spelling) then post your skeptically themed stuff here.

■ Artwork submitted to this group must be based on a skeptical theme, or contain a significant element which is. If the skeptical theme is abstract, or in any way unclear PLEASE do share it with us BUT also include a brief explanation of how your work relates to skepticism in the description. If the hosts can’t see the link right away your work may be removed. We want to encourage free thinking, and we don’t like censorship, but we do want to maintain the theme of content here.

If you’re not a skeptic, or you don’t know if you are one or not then read on…
DEFINITION : Skeptic = from the Latin scepticus meaning : thoughtful, enquiring,.. to consider, examine.
It is commonly thought that a skeptic is the same as a denier or a fanatic, someone who is perpetually adversarial, cynical and negative. This is not so.
To quote the eminent Michael Schermer “Skepticism is not a position, it’s a process”. And it is a process that is based on logic and critical thinking in order to determine the validity of a subject. There are tools and methods that will allow anyone to become a good skeptic, and once you’ve tried it you’ll see the world in an entirely different (and more detailed) light. So pull aside the curtain and check out our group.
See below for some useful links on Scepticism.
■ The Skeptics Guide To The Universe – Top 20 Logical Fallacies
■ Wikipedia – Confirmation Bias

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