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A Place to Start--The Place to Be - October 2014 Feature Gallery

Evita Evita 18015 posts

Hello everyone…

More features are up for viewing… 6 beautiful works and 6 wnderful writings

All images ad writings are click-able and will take you to the artist’s/writer’s page

by designertrow

Radio City Music Hall
by rentedochan

Curly Top
by Karen E Camilleri

Fairy Magic Makes the Flowers Grow!
by Jane Neill-Hancock

by mrthink

Love Tooting I
by Ludwig Wagner


|Be The Kind Of Person

By Roger Sampson

Be the kind of person
that gives away smiles for free,
be the type that everyone
would be blessed by what they see.

Be a person with kindness
no matter who you’re thinking of,
be the kind of person
that knows how to live your love.

My Heart Wants

By aprilann

My Heart Wants

Dear Lord, my heart wants,
that shiny new car,
so I can travel for you near and far.

And, Lord, my heart wants,
that house so new,
so I can host all my parties for you.

And, Lord, my heart wants,
one child, maybe more,
only a couple to avoid being poor.

Oh Lord, my heart wants
so selfishly,
you changed my heart and you set me free.

Now, Lord, my heart wants,
a missions love,
to tell mankind of your unconditional love.

And, Lord, my heart wants,
a quiver full,
of godly children who live by your will.

And, Lord, my heart wants to
see your holy face,
to spend eternity just praising your grace.

But, then, I read Lord in
thy Holy Word,
eye has not seen and ear has not heard,

What you have prepared, God,
so holy and true,
for men here on earth that only love you.

Now, my heart wants, Lord,
to spend all my days,
loving my Savior in every way.

Excitement grows as the,
Spirit, O Lord,
freely reveals the deep things of God.

Now, my heart sees, God,
all I must do,
to live for you, God, faithful and true.

by April Lymer

I Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Alight from the touch of Earth

By alan barbour

Tredding earthly sod, earthbound creatures glance about.
Those whom by nature are limited by the mystery of gravity.
Some walk, some crawl, some large, some small.
Some climb, some leap, some purr, some speak.
When sun hides below the evening horizon,
various breeds lay to rest, while others are arising.
Yet, another kind abounds in another sphere,
living by other rules of planetary effects.
Set apart from those below, angelic in ability to peer,
from far above, at things limited to “down here”.
They have special gifts, those feathered and winged,
while landbound talk, purr, or growl, these others types sing.
Special bessings have been bestowed upon those on land, sea, or pond,
whom can alight from the touch of earth, to soar above and beyond.



Everything done and intended
care of paraphernalia profound
focus of practices offended
mistakes forgiven surround.

Rejoice to be joy is bliss
hue the color of life is this
attitude of choice, decision of will
renew attitude daily, adversity kiss.

Discourages cold and demented
bare of delirious, precarious soul
patience and care memorandum
faith and belief keep me whole.

Forever Yours

By JRGarland

Empty is my soul without you by my side
I crave your presence with a devouring hunger
Swallowing the universe in want for more
Until finally satisfied with your warm embrace
Yet a little while longer I must wait
With a longing too great to endure love’s eternal absence
Hours seem like days and days an eternity
Maddening my soul in the endless months ahead
You are my life and my universe
Only you can satisfy my longing for life’s tender mercies
Yet a little while longer I must wait
While insanity’s madness swings in the gallows
Emptying the soul as time so heartlessly demands
With much impatience I must bitterly wait
Longing to hold you ever so near to my breath
Until the madness builds in its sleepless nights
Unfulfilled by solitude’s relentless encounters
Give me strength oh Host of heaven’s shores
Let me abide in the comforts of my love’s presence
That together forever we shall walk hand in hand
Until breath is no more available to me

In Another Life

By Donna19

Could I have been in another life what you wanted me to be
A single raindrop that flowed in the river of who you are
A lovely bird nesting on the branches of your mighty Oak
Maybe even the wave that washed so tenderly over you

I’d love to be the next step in your romantic dance
Your last thought in the night that made you dream
The sand that sank your toes and made you strong
Maybe even that one moment you dared to believe

What if you already know me
In every summer breeze that cools your skin
In every lapping of the Sea that carries our dreams
Fires in the winter that beg you to feel
In every warming ray that makes us alive
In every whisper of the wind that remind us.. we are
What if we already know where each of us are
In every song that moves inside us like heated rain, we live

For now you are the tear that falls upon my face
The ever present faith that one day you’ll find me
My every mornings sun and evening song
Love letters in my head I have yet to hold in my hand
The echo in the night that wakes me with a smile
Simply because you know me and that’s enough for now

Congratulations to everyone… fabulous works and writings!
JRGarland JRGarland 2577 posts

Wow, so incredible dear Evita!! Many thanks for adding my work to this awesome array of talent. Super congrats everyone on a job well done!!

Roger Sampson Roger Sampson 419 posts

I truly and sincerely mean this… what and incredible selection of both images and writings! To read JR and Donna… wow!! To feast my eyes on awesome images and to be included in the mix is an honor. Thank you Evita and for being who you are :)

mrthink mrthink 86 posts

Wonderful collection of artworks and writings! Very, very nice.

jeanlphotos jeanlphotos 10502 posts

Congratulations to the featured members……..Stunning images and words

jainiemac jainiemac 913 posts

wonderful images and verse congratulations !!!

Donna19 Donna19 866 posts

Thank you so much. Congratulations everyone, it’s an honor being among you

Keith Williams Keith Williams 1 post

Thanks for including my work.

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 3171 posts

The works are amazing, a superb selection Evita!
So much talent on display.
Congratulations to all!

Evita Evita 18015 posts

Hello everyone,

More features are up for viewing…….join us in congratulating all artist…. all images are click-able and will take you to the artist’s page
Thank you!

The inner flame
by icalink

by Conner Nickels

Bring the lamp a little closer
by tinypaws

Baby Burro from a Formerly Wild Herd
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

The Dee, Sunrise
by Wrayzo

Hot Chili
by Lemarly

Fluffy Fantasy
by Factory23

Floral Fantasy
by Susan Nixon

Peacefully Watching
by Heather Crough

Mystic Morning!
by jozi1

Coastal Clouds
by debidabble

the end of the summer
by federico cortese

On Top of the World
by WeeZie

Happisburgh lighthouse shining
by Avril Harris

Orange Clivia Lily Blossoms – Textured
by Sandra Foster

by ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ

"Moment of Rest" from the series "Everyday Angel"
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Ethereal glow
by crystalline

All Forgotten
by Ludwig Wagner

In the Bird Paradise
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Liberty Island
by rentedochan

Lone Traveler
by trueblvr

by Caitlyn Grasso

Overflow ~ Fall Colors ~
by Charles & Patricia Harkins ~ Picture Oregon

Nature's Way
by Scott Hasbrouck

In The Wind
by Annmarie *

The Promise of Tomorrow
by Barbny

child of light
by shadowlea

Attack on Titan. Levi
by ururuty

Up close!
by Lyn Darlington

by Jandzart013

Eiffel Tower Postcard – Paris
by Yannik Hay

by designertrow

McHenry Dam Boat Dock
by Roger Passman

From my window
by Heaven7

Snowy Barn
by Alberto DeJesus

Congratulations to all artists featured today… fabulous works!
✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 9674 posts

Congratulations to all nicely done and presented by all Nice viewing and selections Wonderful writting and reading as well hugs…Thank you Evita for
featuring one of my works i am thrilled thank you kindly hugs

JRGarland JRGarland 2577 posts

Awesome features, Evita!! Super congrats everyone on a job well done!!

Alberto  DeJesus Alberto DeJesus 237 posts

An eclectic mix for sure, congratulations to all featured artists for their visions.

Crystal Peterlin Crystal Peterlin 49 posts

Congrats to everyone, we are a talented group of souls!!!! Thanks Evita!!

shadowlea shadowlea 1395 posts

What a beautiful gallery of amazing work…..Congratulations everyone….thank you very much Evita

Wrayzo Wrayzo 4884 posts

An amazing creative and talented feature selection, Evita…thank you for including one of my images and congratulations to my fellow featured artists!!! :-))

rentedochan rentedochan 79 posts

Congrats all members with pieces of art here.
Thank you all for choosing one of mine for been between all of these masterpieces.

debidabble debidabble 1258 posts

Beautiful work!! Thank you for the feature.

Lyn Darlington Lyn Darlington 154 posts

Wonderful work! Congrats to all the amazing artists and thank you for featuring one of my images!

crystalline crystalline 117 posts

Stunning collection! Thank you dear Evita for including one of my photo experiments “Ethereal glow”, I am overwhelmed! I love this collection, Congratulations to all the inspired and great artists!

autumnwind autumnwind 13022 posts

Awesome features, congrats everyone!!!

tinypaws tinypaws 1209 posts

Most Amazing artistic and talented artists and work featured.Well done everyone.

Annmarie * Annmarie * 1090 posts

Congratulate fellow artists, and thanks Evita.

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 2197 posts

Congratulations to all featured. Evita, thanks for including my Orange Clivia Lily Blossoms – Textured.

jeanlphotos jeanlphotos 10502 posts

Super features.Congrats to all featured

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