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A Place to Start--The Place to Be - April 2014 Feature Gallery

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9921 posts

First Features of April

Some light-hearted features for the first of April,
including a variety of t-shirts with humorous or unique messages.
There are certain animals and birds which always give me a smile when I see them,
so I featured some of these too.

Please join us in congratulating all the artists of the featured works. Remember that each image is a clickable link so you can easily visit the individual pages. Commenting and favoriting are always welcome. We hope you will sign our guestbook by posting a comment before exiting the gallery.

by phil decocco

by Colleen2012

Cassowary Profile
by peasticks

"The Island" Carousel & Arcade
by LarryB007

Music is my world
by fennirose

A Love card
by Jandzart013

Taking a break
by Berns

Brahmin Bull Portrait
by Penny Smith

Ice Cream Poop
by fennirose

Bite my Ass
by Berns

It's through Mistakes Sayings
by fennirose

Mother and Son.
by Lyn Darlington

Please join us in congratulating all the artists of the featured works!
We hope you will sign the guestbook by posting a comment before exiting the gallery.

LarryB007 LarryB007 698 posts

A great collection Corri, congratulations to the artists, I’m honored to be included !!!

Jandzart013 Jandzart013 11 posts

Thanks Corri for including “A Love Card” congrats to all!

Colleen2012 Colleen2012 133 posts

Beautiful collection Corri. Congrats to everyone :)
Love Colleen2012

JRGarland JRGarland 2565 posts

Awesome collection, super congrats everyone!!

Evita Evita 17235 posts

Fabulous features …. Congratulations to everyone! ☺♥

Lyn Darlington Lyn Darlington 142 posts

Congrats to all the amazing artists!

Berns Berns 2757 posts

Thanks so very much for including me, congratulations to everyone !

phil decocco phil decocco 896 posts

Terrific collection of images….so well done all! Bravo!

autumnwind autumnwind 11019 posts

Awesome features!! Congrats everyone!!!!

Evita Evita 17235 posts

Hello everyone…

More features for April are up for viewing
24 super beautiful works and 6 wonderful writings… do join us in congratulating the artists and writers
All images are click able and will take you to the artist’s page


by Eugenio

Jasmine tea
by katarina86

Angel Aura – the Light
by EdsMum

Alcázar ~ Segovia
by rentedochan

Grecian Windflower
by Astrid Ewing Photography

Purple Hues
by Polly Peacock

Artemis in the garden
by Maree Clarkson

Stare Down
by debidabble

Tulip Heart
by Patricia Jacobs CPAGB LRPS BPE3

Mystery Lady…………
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

Lorikeets Bathing
by Trish Meyer

Ice Cream Party
by Laura Hutton

Sydenham Sunrise
by Wrayzo

Earth Dragon
by Maddy Storm

" American Loggers "
by CanyonWind

Matthew 7:7 — Ask and it shall be given
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

A Cowboy's Top Hands
by Susan Bergstrom

Bare Island
by Arfan Habib

Dream Impossible dreams
by Suzanne Carter

by Lemarly

Bush Turkey…
by Tracie Louise

by autumnwind

Winter street. Small town.
by UpNorthPhoto

Shade and Water
by trish725


Dancing Rain

By JRGarland

Dancing rain listing before tired eyes
Returning my thoughts to live the cries
Breathing through endless, unbearable dreams
As death reaches out beyond hollowed screams
Cold is the tunnel with its plastic walls
Emptied of its passion that once recalls
The beautiful blossoms of yesteryears
Now drowned in the midst of life’s bloody tears
Oh living passion of my heart return
Brave the sorrows of life’s impending urn
Before my breath is swallowed and decay
And living is but a dream too far away
Dancing rain listing before tired eyes
Cursed is the day of my heart’s longing demise

( please read description)

She Is

By Donna19

She is the flutter by of wing-ed beauty transcending time
Giving the bloom it’s reason to open and spin
She is the ease that travels down your spine
Long after the music had trailed away in the night
She is the lone footprints on the shore at dawn
Washing out to sea like wishes in the air
She is the crest of the mountain climb
Victorious in your heart traveling in your beats
She is the cool of the shade beneath the tree
Waiting to blow across your skin in summer
She is the down of feathers warmed for love
Softening to bring your endless dreams to life
She is the whispers in the dark that no one hears
Speaking with touch that needs not sound
She is apart of the magic of the night winds
Dancing with feet bare to know the earth as you
She is the fierceness of summer rains and windy banks
Creating havoc that blows through wanting rivers
She is the slide of water cascading over your skin
Gathering memories like waterfalls of unending joy
She is today’s tomorrow tempting you out to play
Gathering minutes like roses for her bouquet
She is the lost in every child seeking to find the meadow
Running through poppies that stain her path in lavender
She the patience in everyday that quiets your soul
Because you live to bring her the sun in yellow ribbons
She is the frolicking of vines longing to hold and bloom
Kissing the mornings with dew that sweetens every day
She is…

Before I can run

By shelleybabe2

I’m not going anywhere,
I’ll stay right here.
I’ll do what I want
and not what I fear.

For I see a future,
as clear as the sky.
One day I will have it,
before I will die.

No-one will stop me,
just you wait.
I’ll push my self forward,
before it’s too late.

For I’am just waiting,
for that moment to come.
When I’ll take one step forward,
before I can run.

The Cacophony of Being Otherwise Engaged

By Rhonda Strickland

Can it really be so?
That it’s for me to know.
And for you to find out
That the soul runs fallow?

From the heart and the mind
Will I dare to find
That part of myself
That keeps me blind.

Blind to the pain
Of ill-gotten gain
I hold on in the mire
As if nothing is stained.

A disturbing cacophony
Distracts from the seemly
I block from my view
This cause of disharmony.

Too late, too soon
Will I not be attune
To these thoughts of importance?
Too far are they strewn. . .

a rhonda original© 2010

|The Look of Heart Ache

By Pixie-Atelier

She works hard on her look
and never misses her mark.
Her routine has been mastered,
she performs it in the dark.
No 5 minute face,
no child-minding race,
she lives alone with a mountain
of makeup and expensive clothes that say ‘grace.’
She starts with a scrub and
continues with an over-priced pot of cream,
she’s creating the look
that makes it seem
as if she’s filled with self-esteem.
Blending the porcelain foundation, and setting it with powder,
she considers her clothes and chooses the suit
that fits like a glove, exploiting her female power.
Layers and layers of black mascara,
and cherry red lips that say, “I am Alpha!”

But the schedule does not stop there.
Her breakfast is a coffee and a cigarette,
she believes it’s the only way to keep her silhouette.
In the office she’s no moron,
bequeathing glances on desperate men
and it’s definitely a con,
but she needs male attention to keep going on.
Who is her mark?
Who will take her home?
She will stop for a drink, but the routine
does not include steak and poutine.
Instead it’s off to the gym and out to the spa.
Her hair has to be perfect,
her nails must inspire awe.

Meeting up later, she will digest
the man of the day
who feeds her request
for undivided attention and
a temporary distraction
from the pain of her life
that stems from her birth family strife
when she decided she was not good enough.
When her dad left her mom and she
was left to live rough.
Her heart was broken
and self-preservation meant
that love was something to rebuff.
“Men are things to be
used and abused and left to their own,
for they bring nothing but anguish and
it’s easier to live alone.”

A Dog Study

By Kanages Ramesh

A Research Paper (view A Dog Study)

This here is a study on Human character, almost Pavlovian in nature, and hopefully at the end of the study – through the observations made on the personality of these dogs – you will get to know the temperament of their respective masters too.

(Starting from left)

Dog no.1 has been pampered a lot , it’s friendly and walks towards me – not afraid of me, wants to be pampered by me as well;

Dog no.2 having borne, probably, many a beating – the frustrations of its master – is timid, cautious of my presence, and on guard to run away from me;

Dog no.3 is smug, having received just enough love, immersed in the dawn, pleased with itself, is not concerned of my presence;

Dog no.4 is strong and self-willed – intent on its mission and not on my presence – having received just the right amount of care, to be on his own, and yet not too much love, to turn him into a sissy. :-)

Hope this study is of use to help make your own deductions on the “Nature of the Master” in future. It’s always wise to remember, we mould a “personality” through our actions.

(I found these 4 characters for my study, just after dawn, in a small village in Sri Lanka; having been just let out from their respective abodes to enjoy the morning. I had to travel many miles before I could find such suitable subjects for my study. I was very fortunate to find them all in one location; saving many miles of further search on my research. This location I presume is their regular haunt for a dawn rendezvous.)

PS: This research was done some years ago, and recorded on film, hence the age effects on the photograph – requiring effects to counter its effects.

Kanages Ramesh (Monsoonfrog) – Top-Dog of the “Bow-Wow” Project

Congratulations to everyone… fabulous works and writings!
trish725 trish725 4771 posts

Congratulations to all, such wonderful works.

Thanks so much for selecting one of mine to be amongst these :-)

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 9786 posts

Congratulations to all Nicely done and presented by all nice viewing and selections Wonderful reading of written works hugs

JRGarland JRGarland 2565 posts

Awesome works!! Super congrats everyone and many thanks for adding my poem to the mix.

Lemarly Lemarly 966 posts

Fine collection !!! Congratulations to all talent artists !! And thank you very much for this honor of being featured among these beautiful artworks !!! Marjut

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9921 posts

Amazing group of features, Evita!
Thank you so much for including one of mine!
Congratulations to all the writers and artists!

Wrayzo Wrayzo 4891 posts

A wonderfully varied and creative selection of features Evita…thank you for selecting one of my images….congratulations to my fellow talented artists and creative writers!!! :-)))

debidabble debidabble 1197 posts

Beautiful and amazing work!

autumnwind autumnwind 11019 posts

Wow, fabulous features, congrats to everyone!! Thank you so much for the beautiful honor!! : ))))) xxxxxx♥

Susan McKenzie Bergstrom Susan McKenzie... 548 posts

Thanks so much Evita for including my work A Cowboy’s Top Hands in this beautiful exhibit!
Congrats to all my fellow artists and Photog’s…I am in Very Talented Company!

WhiteDove Studio kj gordon WhiteDove Stud... 1094 posts

Hipahipa…all wonderful choices….honored to be here….aloha

Trish Meyer Trish Meyer 644 posts

A wonderful selection of works Evita … thanks so much for including one of mine !

CanyonWind CanyonWind 3556 posts

Beautiful works every one. Congratulations all around. TY for featuring my work.

Donna19 Donna19 864 posts

Thank you so much, just appreciate it. Congratulations everyone, the features are all wonderful

Suzanne  Carter Suzanne Carter 82 posts

Thanks so much for the feature and congrats to everyone, such stunning work! xo

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