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A Place to Start--The Place to Be - March 2014 Feature Gallery

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Thanks and Congrats to all Featured Artists!!! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

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Wow, what an outstanding set of galleries filled with amazing images and writings, Corri! Congratulations to all the featured artists and writers and thank you so much for including my Siamese boys in this wonderful group!

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Such beautiful images. Thank you so much for featuring one of mine and congratulations to all my fellow featured artists.

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Awesome collection of the finest RB has to offer. Super congrats everyone!!

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Super beautiful selections.. Thank you for including one of mine among them…Congratulations to my fellow featured artists and writers!!!! ☺♥

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These images are amazing and very beautiful………………………..congratulations to all and thank you so much for featuring my image ……………………………….Joyce

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Congratulations to you all!! :)))))) x x x

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Wonderful works! Amazing photography, painting and writing. Congratulations to all! So pleased to be in your midst!! Thanks Corrie!

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Thanks Cori congrats to all!

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What an amazing collection of beautiful artworks Corri! Thank you so much for the honor to be part of it and congrats to all fellow members!

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A superb selection & collection of images…congratulations to all the featured artists!!!

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Thanks so much for those features, really amazing works here, congrats people !

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I really appreciate the honor of being included with such excellent artists!!!! Bill

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Thank you for featuring St Patricks Window – congratulations to everyone featured in this great collection

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Evita, you have outdone yourself. This is truly an awesome collection of talent and beauty. Congratulations to each and every person featured. And thanks from my heart for including me.

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Congratulations to all and thank you so much for this most delightful honor! :)

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Hello everyone…

More features are up for viewing… 24 beautiful works and 6 fantastic writings
Do join us in congratulating the artists
All images are click able and will take you to the artist’s page


RMIT Entrance
by Karen E Camilleri

San Giorgio Maggiore
by Rémi Bridot

My dog Minnie
by Sherri Fink

Way Up There
by Charles & Patricia Harkins ~ Picture Oregon

Straight and narrow
by iamelmana

Kites……Kites…….&…more….. KItes………
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

The Violininst
by Berns

cat's portrait
by jhawa

Paper Kite Butterfly
by Roger Passman

The farewell
by rentedochan

Soraka ilustration
by DivinusArt

This Old Barn is "Stayin Alive"
by LarryB007

"Teachers Pet"
by CanyonWind

Dawn at Gordonbrook
by Tracie Louise

The warm light
by rentedochan

Welcome Spring
by autumnwind

Cows Graze at the Bottom of the Lake
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

Kingdom of the Mind
by billfox256

Harbourside Houses
by Mortimer123

by Magaret Meintjes

Pink Blossom
by Patricia Jacobs CPAGB LRPS BPE2

In her sight
by Heather King

Joshua Trees
by Roger Passman

Constellation phone case
by HandsonHart


|The Calming Sea

By JRGarland

Waves rolling in
Glistening the sand
In hypnotic rhythms
Lulling to sleep
To dream sweet dreams
Soothing to the soul
In the quiet unfolding of the sea
Listen to the gulls singing above
Playing their lullabies as you sleep
Fluffy clouds roll by
Shading you from the sun
With a cool gentle breeze
Sweeping its aromatic bliss
From the misty sea air
Awake now sleepy head
Rise up to glance across the sea
And watch as the dotted ripples
Make their way onto the shore
For in this mystical journey
Rest the sacred oath of Heaven
In giving you rest from life’s sorrows
And providing you with comfort
Unto the eternal glory beyond

|The Dark and Charming Lady

By Ami Wilber-Mosher

Stars appear and disappear,
As lazy clouds float by.
I lay flat upon my back,
And watch the midnight sky.

The floor of heaven,
Is blackest blue,
With tiny points of white,
Flickering like fairy lights,
Shining in the night

Tree’s are hulking shadows,
Their leaves a canopy,
Their branches ashen fingers,
That seem to reach for me.

The midnight noises paly a tune,
Surrounded by the sound,
Of crickets chirping,
Frogs that sing,
The instruments abound.

The leaves that rustle to and fro,
They sound just like a song.
And all the darkling creatures,
Like to sing along.

The breeze feels cool upon my check.
It’s night times sweet caress,
And when she sings her song to me,
My heart feels troubled less.

Natures evening orchestra,
Is playing now for you.
Daytime, she is beautiful.
But night has her charms too.

Her only refuge (please see description

By Kanages Ramesh

Temples, churches mosques and all places of worship are for many, a place of emotional refuge; a place to gather mental strength, though short-lived perhaps, the effect. Yet, for this aged woman, with none to call her own, except a ragged bundle, it is her means to a life and shelter. Surviving on the generous offerings of food made to the God within, and shared later with those expectantly awaiting their turn, to appease her hunger, and the few coins dropped into her outstretched palms from devotees, more inclined to be little generous in “HIS” presence—perhaps, with the expectation of a manifold return on their tiny ‘investment’ in a foreseeable future, with “HIM” having been witness to their generosity—to buy her a few essentials and a little joy. Sadly, in this process of ‘giving’, she too becomes a means to an end, and, not the end in itself; and for some, a sense of relief or a feeling of superiority, at being more blessed or fortunate than her.

She sleeps huddled in a corner, her gaunt form wrapped tightly in blankets, frail and aged as she, to keep out the harsh night mountain weather, which creeps in stealthily with each passing hour. Comforted, that God is very near, just beyond that locked door, and that “HE” would keep her safe for what is left of her life, and eventually take her to a better place — while intensifying her struggle against another night of invasive cold, with the crumbling defenses afforded by her tattered blanket.

There are those who reason, that God does not exist, that it’s a foolish belief, yet, for her, her faith is an indispensable relief; one fundamental to her survival. May none take away this, her comfort, her only solace, her only refuge, whatever their own belief. After all, even amongst those who profess there is no God, and assume themselves to be independent thinkers, many function in opposition to that selfsame concept, and still caught in duality—concepts and mental proliferations— and unable to detach themselves from it, they are neither independent, nor free, to be independent — held captive within their own ‘net of views’ to be released.

For this aged woman, reason may not bring her comfort, only a genuine understanding of those in her situation. Her life, one of poverty, and living, a series of struggles, and a past, possibly of abuse, with education, a luxury, only faith, and not reason, sustains her; a belief in something transcendent that is imbued with the necessary attributes to transport her from her present. In this ‘Knowing’, and an empathy born from it, you are released from your own ‘self’, and concurrently your own “net of views”, to know that which is sacred. A transcendence that brings unity to preserve life’s sanctity.

What obstructs one from truly knowing another, than a ‘self’ and its views; and without a ‘self’ who is to impose a view?

©Kanages Ramesh

View Her only refuge

Love is not abuse

By shelleybabe2

Love is not abuse…
Where I trusted you.

Where you let me down.
I was innocent too!

I was frail, I was fragile.
Delicate & vunerable.

Foolish & sillly.
Daft & gulliable

Easily persuaded.
Believing in you.

In believing the truth.

Love is not abuse…
‘Get it in your head!’

Still indenial…
Still complicated!

Where you planted a seed…
Turned me into a weed!

Scared & feared…
Feeling’s of dread.

Where I used to,
even wet the bed.

Such an innocent child.
Only lasted for a while.

Where you hit me hard.
Like a tone of brick’s.

But I’d always get back up.
When you knocked me back for six.

Stick’s & stone’s…
May break my bone’s.
Where some cunt broke my nose.

Stick’s & stone’s…
May break my bone’s.
But word’s, were left unspoken.

Love is not abuse…
Where you’d hit me, for being a mute.

Beat me, with your word’s.
Hit me, where it hurt’s!

Love should’nt hurt.
But it doe’s!

Love is not abuse…
It’s a curze!

Where your trying your hardest.
To get your foot into the door.

Where I refuse….
To be a victim anymore!

Weeping Willow

By Charldia

Why do you weep, beautiful Willow?
Why do your branches bend low?
Is it true you cry, when someone dies
That is a poor, lost, tortured soul?

Why do you weep, lovely Willow?
Why do your branches hang down,
When other trees raise branches in praise,
To their Creator up on High?

Or in truth, sweet Weeping Willow
Do your branches bend down to the ground
In awe of the One who made you unique
So in thanks, you humbly bow?

Why do you thrive, Weeping Willow
When rooted near waters that flow?
Do the rivers supply the tears that you cry
For those who never your Creator did know?

Thanks for the lessons you teach, dear Willow
That weeping can be a beautiful thing
That even God does cry, when a lost soul dies
Without accepting His Saving Grace.

And yes I now see thoughtful Willow
That praise can prostrate you to the ground
For to dwell in God’s light, His power and might
Can be awesome and quite profound.

Why do you weep, beautiful Willow?
Why do your branches point down to the ground?
Is it a reminder to say for souls gone astray
Kneel down, and let God turn your life around.

Well Of Wishes

By Donna19

Beneath beyond above below
We make a wish and petals blow
Into the wind we send our words
But of them all…..how many are heard?

I’m thinking all of them and pretty sure I’m right. The old saying “be careful what you wish for” has teeth and your wishes are the next meal…so beware. Nothing in this world just happens along, absolutely nothing. A free cup of coffee, catching a strangers eyes across the room, sun when it was supposed to rain

Spending our lives tweaking the taught in us is a waste of time and counter productive to living as we should. “Let go and let live” holds the wisdom of the successful and contented. Birds fly, flowers bloom, wind blows and rain falls….just because it is the way of nature. WE are nature and some of it’s finest and we should ponder life from the inside out. Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

Spring is here and asking once again for your presence in the great unfolding of another season which could change your life….if you let it. The air will fill with mellows and songs will ramp up among the branches. Sun is going to shine like never before and grass will take on a perfume which calls the worst of the homebodies outside. Lazing in all the splendor makes the bones and muscle want to stretch and the lungs open up and inhale, not to mention the skin will thirst for the feel of warm rays. Men are going to fall victim to the pheromones women unconsciously give out (yea us!) and love will bloom like no other season.

Beneath beyond above below
We make a wish and petals blow…
Wishes are the depths of who we are
Crying out to birth our greatness
Happiness is our answering gratitude
Joy is in each day we live inside those wishes we’ve given life

Congratulations to everyone… fabulous works and writings!
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Wonderful features congratulations to all – Shirley

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What an amazing selection of features, Evita!
Thank you so much for including one of mine.
Congratulations to all the writers and artists!

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Congratulations to you all!!! :)))))) x x x

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Congrats to all authors with works in this amazing pool… all of them are masterpieces!

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Congratulations to everyone ! These are beautiful ! :)

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Totally awesome works!! Super congrats everyone and many thanks for adding mine to the mix.

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Congratulations to all of these wonderful artists!!!! It is a privilege to have my work include with theirs!!!! Bill

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