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(Family Safe, 2 per Day) A friendly group where you can ‘test the waters’. Show us your work before sharing it more widely with the RedBubble community. Group active April 2015.

Suggestions and Links to Groups

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Further down this page, you’ll find a list that may help you find groups that will accept your work. The way to get accepted by groups is to find the groups that match each piece of work and your own personal style…and follow each group’s rules.

When I first started on RedBubble, my first confusion was figuring out how to join a group and how to add work to groups. Once I figured out how to get work submitted to groups, I had a horrible time getting any group to accept anything.

I didn’t understand it as I was submitting my favorite photos on which many friends had given me tons of compliments. One of the mistakes I made was putting digital framing around my photos. Many groups won’t accept digital frames, no matter how good the photograph is. Other mistakes I made was not reading rules carefully enough and submitting work to the wrong groups. Long story short, I went back and really read the group rules and started figuring out which groups would accept which kinds of things. Now every time I submit a piece, I go look for new groups that might specifically want that photo or art.

One other piece advice, when you are reading the group rules, really look at the pieces on the group’s overview page. Look to see if you can imagine your work among the ones on the feature section and will it fit?

Meanwhile, here are some groups to try as you continue to find your RedBubble Style and the groups that work for you. I will be adding links within these descriptions for information on how to do some of the tasks mentioned. If a piece of your work is rejected as being more appropriate for other groups, remember that it’s not your work that is not right for that group, it’s that group that does not suit your needs at the moment.

Browse through this list and give some of these groups a try. The names are clickable links. (When you are finished looking at this list of groups, head on over to Advertise Your Favorite Group Here! to look for other groups that people like or post your own favorites, or look at the list of forums that help you find groups.) If you still can’t find a group for your image, post a question or request in our new “Questions, Comments and Requests about Groups”:Questions and Comments About Groups forum. (Quick word about forums: Remember to click “Watch this Topic” so that you can be notified when additions are made so you will know when your question is answered. Hosts watch the existing forums, but if you start a new one, no one will know your question is there until they actually go look.)

Beginners’ Groups

Beginner’s Expressions You are allowed five uploads to this group, and can find various help in the forums.

The Beginner’s Corner (profile page must contain photography experience) This group is strictly for beginner’s in photography and you must include something about your photography background on your profile page.

Students and Beginners This is a group for people learning photography. You’ll find advice and suggestions in their forums.

Other Groups that Accept a Variety of Styles

If It Doesn’t Belong In their words, “This group is for all types of images and writing, especially those that have been rejected from other groups. We are here to have some fun!”

Shameless Self Promotion In their own words, “Absolutely anything is allowed here – just put up what you most desire to get out of the Bubble and into the world at large.” The group also helps with ways of “Exchanging tips and organising ways to promote ourselves can only benefit us all.”

All Around the Styles Add your best work of any style to this group

Every Little Thing You Do In their own words, “This group will cover everything, apart from nudity. No matter what photos you take or what images you create, you can share all here! Photos … Art … Clothing … Writings … Cards and Journals … All are welcome.”

You’re Accepted This group states that it is about “acceptance and having fun with your art”. There is a limit to how many works you can submit to the group. The current rules state five, but I have also seen it say five. They do take t-shirts, photos and art.

The Gems Gone Unnoticed (formerly the Rejection Recovery Group) This a friendly group of acceptance and encouragement. The group asks that you submit works that you really like that have not received much notice. There are forums for advice, help and suggestions.

Hosting Tutorial Class The main purpose for this group is for training future group hosts. However, anyone can join, and it’s a good place to learn as you watch your student “hosts” learning too.

Show Us Your Bloopers This is another friendly and accepting group that describes itself as “an expression of what you want to share”. Make your submissions family friendly, and the group accepts all art styles, t-shirts, writings, and journals.

Art and Collectible Sales In their own words, “We sell only the finest quality of Art, Clothing, Collectables, Drawings, Paintings, Photography and Sketches. Journals also welcome. Come in and shop around. Also if you have any fine Art, Clothing, Collectables, Drawings, Paintings, Photography or Sketches to sell, come join our group and let us display your artistry. If you have any questions feel free to BubbleMail us.”

#1 We Sell Art (2 Per Day) In their own words, “We sell only the finest quality of Photography,Artwork, & Clothing. Come in and browse around and if you have any questions feel free to BubbleMail Julie, Tammie or Gene. Also if you have any Photography,fine Art or Clothing to sell, come join our group and submit your best works to us. We run challenges each month where there will be $20 vouchers given away to the lucky winners too! So always be sure to check out our challenges.”

The Best of Anything and everything This group accepts all styles of works and wants to see the best of anything and everything (all styles that are your best work and family friendly). Check the rules, as they have changed recently, and submit only your best work.

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Groups for Tips, Critique or Advice

Photographers’ Vault
In their own words, “Do you have a little tip or trick that can help someone else better their images.. LIterally anything at all from how to layer, photography terms, lighting, modelling, photoshop, drawing and software tips etc etc the list is endless. With so many different categories on Redbubble along with so many fantastic artists i thought it would be a good idea for everyone to share not only their work, but also their ideas, tip, tricks and methods……….
Tasteful nudes will be accepted but please remember that this group is for everyone so if it is a little to revealing… It may not be accepted…
PLEASE NOTE all images must contain details of how the image was created.
If you have any question please speak to one of the groups hosts….”

Technical Photography In their own words, “This group where you can share your expertise and perhaps learn from others. Post your photograph and list the detail on the image of how it was created: i.e the camera, time of day, location, lens, speed, how it was post edited. In doing this others looking at the group can get Ideas about how to better themselves at photography. We are particularly interested in complex shots such as high light or low light environments, fast aperture or long aperture etc or those with interesting post editing. If you would like detail feedback bubble mail me. I’m getting bussy lately due to new obligations. I still don’t follow other groups that make you wait for approval and make limits photography is not about limits but braking the limits set by others. Lifes rule one is learn something new every day.
rule two share what you know to others.”

Photography Critique and Advice This group is not for the timid, but if you want to improve your photography, take a look here. This group does not accept artwork. Everything is done through the Forums. Without submitting your work in the “Help and Advice” or “Formal Critique” forum, you can still find invaluable information in the form of critiques of other people’s work, tutorials and answers to questions.

Groups for Drawing

Inspired by Life This is for work that was inspired by something in life. Add the inspiration in the description.

Fun Drawing

Pencil Drawing If the work is done with pencil, you may want to try this group. They accept two works per day. Check out the rules.

Groups for Painting (Check the rules to make sure it’s the right kind of painting for your work.)

Inspired by Life This is for work that was inspired by something in life. Add the inspiration in the description.

Colored Painting For fun, colorful paintings not done with software.

Just Watercolours For water color paintings that are painted by hand.

Painted Florals For floral art in acrylic, watercolour, oils, and all other traditional art mediums. Here you will find traditional art paintings of flowers available as art prints, greeting cards, etc. (No photos or photo manipulation).

Also see our forum on Groups for Traditional and Modern Arts—Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Acrylics and More.

Groups for Cards
Cards with Writing

Cards for Everyday (Must Have Text or Collage style) Cards for this group must have writing on them or a collage style. They must be for all-year round events as birthdays, sympathy cards, thinking of you cards. This group will not accept cards for holidays that happen once a year. Art must be available as greeting cards.

Cards For Sale (Must have writing on them) This group takes greeting cards for any holiday or occasion. Work must be for sale as cards and must have writing on them.

Inspirational Greeting Cards ~ (include message on card) For cards that include more of an inspirational greeting than just “Happy Birthday” or “Thank you”, this group displays cards with motivational, moving or inspiring messages. As they say, “All entries must be available as a greeting card and messages must be positive, motivational, and inspirational.” Read the rules carefully for this group.

PostCard Style (Descriptive INFO required, WHERE) Limit 2 per day) Read the rules carefully for this group. They want cards in the style of a postcard, with a description and a where or who included. The work must be available as a card and be a good quality photo (well-focused and framed).

Cards without Writing

High Quality Cards: Animals and pets (2/day – NO WRITING/PHOTOS ONLY) In their words, “This group is intended for bringing together all those great photo images of animals and pets of all kinds (insects and any “4-leggeds” as well).” Your card must be available as a card and must fill the whole card. The group’s home page has links explaining what this means.

Close Ups and Macros

Extreme Close-Ups In their words, “This Group is for all those who do extreme close-ups of anything and everything (within reason), this is a family orientated Group so please keep it clean. The Group is open to anyone and everyone who can submit close-up captures to the extreme, showing what normally isn’t seen by the naked eye unless you were right on top of it.”

Wildlife and Nature Groups

Nature’s Wonders A group for anything growing or living.

Close Ups In Nature
In their words, “This group is for anyone who loves closeups/details/macro photography in nature.” Read the rules carefully for this group. It’s a great group, but they have a list of what kinds of things they accept that you need to check carefully.

Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies, In their words, “Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies Are all beautiful up close,even the scary ones! Share your Photographs and Artwork within the Insect World.”

Bug Hunt! In their own words, “WANNA JOIN THE HUNT? Do you spend your days scouring the garden and trees for interesting insects? Searching high and low for new species of bugs? Search the garden at 3am, just in case I do. I know many others do too, if you are one of these intrepid BUG HUNTERS that enjoy the thrill of the chase, getting the shot before the bug takes off and the little hide and seek games that bugs play with us, this group is for YOU!”

Bugs and Animals on Flowers
In their own words, “We are looking for macro shots of bugs, butterflies, ladybirds,
ants, mantis, frogs, flies, bees, beetles, snails, spiders, birds,etc) on flowers please. Not leaves or stems … must be on FLOWERS!!!!”

FROM THE EARTH – Jewels, Gems, Shells, Rocks & Fossils In their words, “Welcome to our group that shows off all the marvels nature has thrown up out of the ground for us to enjoy and some we have to dig for ourselves!
Do you love crystals, gemstones, rocks, minerals, fossils and even gold and silver jewelery? FROM THE EARTH is here to celebrate the beauty of all these things… Any bling you have with stones or gold, silver, platinum etc, rings, stones, gems, rocks like Devils Marbles, other rock formations, small collectible rocks, pet rocks, crystals, Swarovski crystal beads, crystal cut figures, other natural beads, chakras, crystal healing and other healing rocks, well being, fossils, fossilized opal, wood and bone, bone handled knives, carved bone or rock ,amber,jade, pearls & shells, vintage costume jewelery with stones, vintage bone hair combs etc, all jewelery creations with gemstones, dressing table images of draping jewelery of a natural kind and any other images that show the beauty that comes FROM THE EARTH. Pearls, shells, wood and bone are included. Not trees…..but pieces of fossilised wood or carved wood. Same as bone, I don’t want animal carcasses or x-ray shots, it means fossilized bone or carved bone. Beads must be natural, no glass beads but wooden beads are fine. As long as it comes from the Earth in some form and is not manmade it should be good.”

Flower Groups

Fabulous Flowers
In their own words, “To all the lovers of Fabulous Flowers this group is for you. If you see beauty in the shape, form and colour of our wondrous flowers, then submit your best works here.”

Flowers in Vintage Pastel
In their own words, “No harsh or dark images, just soft airy images either processed by using ‘Actions’, ‘Presets’ or ‘Textures’ or your own processing techniques :) Only image that show this will be accepted.” Read their rules and check out their featured art to see if your image matches what they want.

All About Flowers
In their words, “All images must be of the highest standard and must be only flowers, ie single flowers, bunches of flowers, macro flowers, flower gardens. Images must be in colour – Monocrome images will not be accepted. Black & White images will be deleted without warning!! No dogs, cats, horses or people unless accompanied by a flower.”

Black and White Flowers-Only In their own words, “Simple rules: Flowers Only, Black and White Only, Sepia will be accepted too! Have fun!”

Waterlily, Lotus and Hydrangea Flowers As the name says, this group is for waterlilies, lotus and hydrangea flowers. See the group’s homepage for a description of each kind.

Flowers in Macro (No Photo Manipulations) In their own words, “The aim is for all images to be very close to the flower. We want to see the stigmas and styles, pollen, the small fur on the stems etc. A macro is very different to a close-up. This group is to enable everyone who has a passion for both flowers and macro photograpy (very close up) to showcase their very best and favourite images. Attention to detail, clarity, composition, lighting and colour is important. We aim to show how detailed flowers can be and to show the small details not seen with the naked eye. The beauty of each flower will be magnified and enhanced through your lens.”

Glorious Lilies (LILIUM ONLY) In their own words, “The Lilium group of plants is so very diverse, grows in many parts of the world, 365 days per year if you consider northern and southern hemisphere. There are some 10,000 species and hybrids documented in the RHS registry.”

One Single Flower on Show In their own words, “This group is dedicated in showing the art of single flowers, ie one rose bud, one daisy etc, Please have fun here, we are a very relaxed group and we look forward to seeing your beautiful single flower art
The flowers not allowed now are:
Agapanthas (multilple flowers) unless there is only one flower showing.
Hydrangeas (multiple flowers) unless there is only one flower showing.
Orchids,(unless there is only one flower showing). And there are prob more out there.”

Daisy & Company (Daisies and Related Species only) In their own words, “This is the place to showcase your beautiful and creative visual works of daisies (and other flowers of the same species). The place to find and purchase high quality daisy images… and company! Read rules on the “join page” before joining.”

Only Orchids In their own words, “There are a ton of different flower groups on redbubble, but none dedicated to the orchid. Orchids are beautiful and fascinating and deserve the attention that an orchid group can give them. So if you have a picture of an orchid or love orchids, this is the group for you!”

Australian Native Orchids
In their words, “Welcome to the Australian Native Orchids group. A place to display your images of Australian Native Orchids – Terrestrial & Epiphytic. This is a place that celebrates the wonderful diversity, uniqueness & beauty of Australia’s many native orchids. We will post information & links in the forum & encourage others to do so, to assist with Orchid identification and other topics. Where known, please include the name of the orchid, and it would be great to include the area or state in which is was photographed too.”

Flower Cards—Check rules about borderless cards

Elegant Rose Cards In their own words, “We offer eloquent rose greeting cards for your loved ones. We want to have a place you can depend on for excellence and quality. We welcome new members, and invite them to join us in creating beauty. We will have challenge’s, features and wonderful awards to win.”


Underwater Photography

Underwater Photographer’s Guild In their own words, “A group for the dedicated underwater photographer who wants to exhibit their best underwater images and discuss techniques, underwater photography and scuba diving equipment and share favorite underwater moments in our forums. Browsers also welcome – come in and enjoy the marine life we photograph.”

Underwater Creatures In their own words, “This group is a place for you to showcase your best underwater work of humans and creatures. Be creative, inspire others that are interested in underwater photography. Must be under water (not above) * Excellent captures only.”

Underwater and Sealife their own words, “This group is designed for all those that love underwater and sealife. Works can be created in any medium…Photography, 3D, Photoshop, Fine Art, Drawings. All works must be created by you, any works submitted and not accredited to original copyright holder will be removed. Any images not following the guidelines will automatically be removed without notification. Please feel free to show creatures of the sea in truth or myth, wreckage, underwater equipement, reefs, mermaids, submarines, underwater volcanic activity etc… We will also except artwork that show at least 2/3 underwater and 1/3 above water images. Please No captive animals or aquarium shots,No birds unless they are underwater T-shirts and Written works related to group theme are welcome!”

Types of Abstract Art

Abstract Realism In their own words, “Art that uses real images as the starting point for abstract art. The image should still be somewhat recognisable, yet still be abstract.” They say the receive a lot of work and only accept the best.

Abstract Nature’s Macro Art In their own words, “For macro photography which appears to be an abstract painting. A photo…. at first glance looks like abstract art, but with a closer look is actually a macro photo from nature. For photographers with abstract eye to take a much closer look at nature finding abstract landscapes or portraits etc in bark or rocks, even sand, ice, water ripples and shells, without the whole tree, rock, beach or shell. Abstract enough so that at first is unrecognisable as to what it is There are already groups for flowers, insects,animals,nature abstracts, textures and patterns, but this group I hope to be stand out from other Nature groups. There are several nature groups on RB which are suitable for any shots that don’t meet the groups guidelines. Also a series is always a wonderful thing to do, but just one shot of any series will be accepted, as we like to keep the images varied and different. Another tips is that the photo should be difficult to recognise at first glance! So don’t forget three keys points, MACRO, VERY ABSTRACT and ARTISTIC!”

Abstract Art In their own words, “This group exposes “non-figurative”, “non-objective” and “non-representational” abstract visual works. Art that does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way.” So if the art does NOT look like something real and tangible, this is the group.

Groups for Writers

Amateur’s Art & Writing(NO PHOTOS) This group takes writing and artwork by amateurs. In their own words, “This is a group for those who have less than three years of classes or professional help in the traditional and digital art media, meaning they do not have galleries full of their artwork. It is to help those beginners and amateurs to come and show off their best works including those who show their talent through words, and for those who would like to learn more to help their talent out.”

Creative Writing and Poetry This is a group where members can showcase their talents for writings and poems.

Groups that take Black and White Photography

Black and White Enthusiast In their own words, “This is a group for those who shoot instinctively…where composition is more than a set of rules…where light and dark form a relationship that brings to life the beauty that is Black and White Photography. So, whether you shoot in Digital or Film format, If you believe Black and White photography requires an understanding and appreciation of varying tones (values) and has a pure visual impact that is timeless and classic then this group is for you.This is a group for those who shoot instinctively…where composition is more than a set of rules…where light and dark form a relationship that brings to life the beauty that is Black and White Photography. So, whether you shoot in Digital or Film format, If you believe Black and White photography requires an understanding and appreciation of varying tones (values) and has a pure visual impact that is timeless and classic then this group is for you.”

No More Color In their own words, “This is not a place for color. We will accept anything Black and White, Sepia, Selenium, Antique Grayscale, Cyanotype, Grayscale or shades of Gray.”

Black and White Photography Read the rules carefully for this group. In their own words, “This group displays High Quality Fine Art ♦PURE♦ Black and White Photography. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of PURE black and white images, whether they be film or digital, is welcome in this group. NOTE: Textures, composites, collages, frames, text/signatures, borders and images with excessive editing will NOT be accepted.”

Ebony and Ivory In their own words, “A group dedicated to black and white work. Would you like to read that again? Black and White stuff only. Gottit? Yeah, OK, Sepia too, if it’s nearly black and white-ish.”

Colour Me Nothing This group takes black and white, and sepia photos. Tasteful nudes are permissible with safe filter, but no porn.

Black and White Flowers-Only In their own words, “Simple rules: Flowers Only, Black and White Only, Sepia will be accepted too! Have fun!”

Street Photography and News

Street Photography and Photojournalism Read the rules carefully for this group, and look at their featured photos. In their own words, “This group is devoted to the wonderful and classic skill of street photography and photojournalism. Guidelines:Adding to this group should be limited to candid or semi-candid photography (ie. no photos with models). Photos will preferably include people in them or use various interactions in the urban landscape to tell the story Members should restrict their adding to that one great photo per day. The gallery will be kept down to a fixed number of pages.”

1:1 with the News (Images Only With a Story) In their own words, “Our focus is on news photography…And with the millions of digital and cellphone cameras now in the hands of people around the world, you have the power to report the news as you see it … and snap it.Just Pretend you are Photojournalist’s, Did you Ever Catch something That You think should have been in the News, well this is the Place to Share Your Pics and Write a News Story about the Pic. Group Rules:Do not submit any pictures that contain nudity, violence, obscenity, profanity, pornography or anything else that is offensive in nature. Images should be something that is newsworthy and must have a story that is news or history etc.”

Specialty Groups

World Wide Sunsets As its name says, this is a group for your sunset photos. They accept one image per day.

The Birds A group specifically for birds. This group accepts two submissions per day. A bird must be the focus of the art and must be in focus.

Birds birds BIRDS This group accepts any media (photography, painting, drawing, writing) as long as the main subject is a bird or birds.

Painted Birds This is a Group For Traditional Artists who love painting Birds and wish to showcase their chosen Subject and Traditional Mediums. No digital art.

I love Birds A group designed for people who love birds, whether pet birds or wild bird enthusiasts.

Rural Around the Globe This is a group for “art, photography and writing relating to rural and country living in general around the world”. In general, the group’s page says that if something is not “city”, it is “country” AND if it’s “country” it’s “rural”.

Americas Rural, Urban, Wild and Free With a five a day limit, this friendly group is “all about your best photographs, paintings, cards, t-shirts and writings”.

The World This group takes photos from around the world regarding travel. Be sure to state in the description where the photo was taken. Check the rules before joining.

Australia You’re Standing In It This is a group that “accepts most images, writing, clothing and journals as long as the artwork represents life in Australia as a proud Australian”.

UK to Australia and Back
This is a group for people who live or have travelled or lived in either the UK or in Australia.

Architecture and City Scapes In their own words, “This is for people, who love architecture, cityscapes, which are scape of cities ie the lines of rooftops, the whole city on a skyline etc. This is mainly for photographers, but if you draw / paint stuff that you feel belongs here feel free to join. Also traditional art is very welcome.”

Country Crafts & Living. UK & Ireland. 2 per day. This group wants images that show “someone or something involved in an activity or craft that is associated with the countryside” in the UK and in Ireland. They ask that you not submit landscapes.

The Dutch Connection As they say: “Voor wie? Iedereen die nederlands begrijpt, schrijft of kan lezen”. The work does not have to have to be in the Netherlands, but you do need to understand Dutch.

Fountains, Wrought Iron & Gates etc. This group takes photos of things that are ornate, and not broken down or in disrepair. I believe they like a mention of where in the world you found your image.

Bicycle This is a group for bicycle images.

Photos of Lighthouses In their own words, “This group is aimed at those who have a passion for photographing lighthouses. Be it a black & white image, sunset or raging sea, there’s nothing like seeing these sculptures dotted across some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Photo must include a lighthouse – preferably being the main focus. Please include the following information in the description of your photo:
- Location of Lighthouse (inc. Town, County / Region, Country if outside of UK)
- Name of Lighthouse (if applicable or known)
- Settings & camera used (optional)”

All About Lighthouses In their own words, "This group is open for those that have that special love for these magnificent buildings we see all around the world and patiently guard our shores.. If you love to take photos, paint them, write about them, come and join us….’ The group’s rules request “your best work, no snapshots” and “Photos Paintings, HDR, OrtonT-shirts, Sketches, Digital Art
Journals and writting are accepted if revelant to Lighthouses
Lighthouses keepers homes also accepted as long they have the information stating it… Works are unlimited, but please only 2 submission per day Please add location, Town and Country.”

Windmills, Watermills, Lighthouses and Ferris Wheels In their own words, “We are making a collection of images that have something to do with Windmills, Watermills, Lighthouses and Ferris Wheels, which makes members relax and happy.”

Seascapes with Rocks In their own words, “This group is dedicated to seascapes or waterscapes with rocks playing a noticeable part in the image.”

Old & Rusty This group is for things very old and very covered with rust.

This short list gives you an idea of some of the groups to get started joining, and some of the specialty groups available. There are more than 1600 groups on RedBubble. To find one matching your interests, click on the “Groups” tab and type a word of interest in the search box.

COUNTRY GARDENS! Grow with us! *COUNTRY GARDENS ONLY! No MACRO Flower shots! No Commercial, Botanical. or Public Gardens! This is a good place to show off your garden.

For those of you who like PhotoShopping or Gimp, layers, textures or techniques, we also found The Amazing Orton Effect, and possibly Layered Up or Photo Manipulators groups.

More to come… Click on “Watch This Topic” in the upper right hand corner if you want to be notified of new messages to this forum.

For silhouettes, try Shadows and Reflections, and Silhouettes.

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

If you have photos of children playing or experiencing being a kid, you might try Children-The Power of Raw Emotion, Childhood and JUST FUN (Limit 2 per day)

The Unnoticed, Unseen and Undiscovered Group

If you are feeling unnoticed at RedBubble, try Unnoticed, Unseen and Undiscovered.

In their words, “About This Group:
This is for all those artists who are unnoticed, unseen and undiscovered. Be discovered here and recognised!!! The definition of unnoticed is UNDISCOVERED….UNRECOGNISED ….OVERLOOKED. We all love Redbubble but not all of us get a hundred or more views. If you get less than 100 looks per work this is your place to shine and be promoted. All mediums welcome, but please no nudity. This group is for *Unnoticed, unseen and undiscovered work. Works unseen, seemingly unpopular.”

Group Rules:
This is a group for artists and photographers who love the bubble but are not noticed as much as others. If your work receives less than 100 views per image we invite you to join us. All mediums are welcome, but please no nudity.
Uploads are unlimited but we ask you keep it to 3 a day.
All members must abide to the guidelines of RedBubble.

The Gems Gone Unnoticed Group INVITE ONLY

Another group to help you feel noticed, is the Gems Gone Unnoticed Group.
This group stresses group participation. In their own words, “A cozy little group where you can have your work looked at and commented on. Or simply give a second chance to some of your works which have gone unnoticed or less noticed on RedBubble. Do you have a work on RedBubble which you really love, but no one else seems to have noticed it? Entered a challenge with a work you were really proud of and didn’t get any votes? Never been featured? Sometimes it’s just one of those things and it’s easy to get left out in a crowd. Or perhaps you’ve generally had a lot of success on RedBubble, but not all your works got the attention you wanted. This group wants to give you another chance to put your works out there and possibly get another shot at being noticed. We, also, hope that you will get some great feedback on those works that you felt weren’t noticed before. You can submit works of yours that you really like that haven’t got as much attention as you wanted (works with ten comments or less) – give them a second chance to be noticed. Please do not submit work that has previously been featured in another group. Basically, this group is for you to get encouragement and give encouragement to other members of the group.” This group changed to invite-only in mid December 2010. They wanted to concentrate on the members already present in the group as the hosts are very busy commenting and featuring work.

Creative, Talented and Unknown, 2 per 24 hours INVITE ONLY

Another good group that is Creative, Talented and Unknown This group is by invite only, but you can get an invite by bmailing them. In their own words, “A group where you can upload any type of work to, but PLEASE, only your best work. All work will be still be moderated. Anything not conforming to the rules will be removed.
TO JOIN THE GROUP PLEASE BUBBLE MAIL GINA OR NICK and we will get back to you asap.
Gina, Nick & gary deal only with art and art challenges. Jeanni2010 deals with writing Gal deals with clothing. Hosts may feature other hosts images as long as the image merits it. Hosts may also enter challenges.”

Group Rules:
This group is now moderated!
Please limit your images to 2 per 24 hours MAXIMUM.
Anyone straying over the 2 per 24 hours risk removal from the group.
Only your best work please and only post work that you believe will sell.
Host have the final say in what is acceptable and will not engage in any
conversations regarding refusal of work.
ALL entries to any challenges must already be included in the group. If they
are not, they will be removed from the challenge.
Shared wins in challenges WILL be recognised.
Hosts have the final say whether a piece entered fits the criteria set. No soliciting for votes. Let your art stand on its own merit.
No pets or child portraits please where you can see their faces clearly. You may post those works in the numerous
groups that do allow those images.
No nudes please. If private parts arent covered, we dont want it.
No series of images to be posted one after the other. Please spread them out
to allow other members art to get their place in the “recent work” area. Anyone found posting more than 2 in 24 hours will have all images removed for that day.
FINALLY, No biting, scratching,kicking or eye gouging. Have fun guys.

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Back again with some group suggestions for writers…
If it’s more than 150 words, you might try Short stories – Spherical Scriptings. For a story (not poetry) that is less than 150 words, you might try Flash Fiction
The bottom of the Short stories – Spherical Scriptings. home page also has several links to other writing groups.

Here are some more writing groups and suggestions from Karin Taylor. In her descriptions of these groups, she tells which ones you really need to pay attention to the rules…

Creativing Writing and Poetry This is a group where members can showcase their talents for writings and poems. It is all about effort. Poetry is surely welcome here as well. A writing on an image is not what we are aiming for. We may run challenges in the group that will have the writing on an image. Limit your submission to three per day as this is a new group. We are looking foward to seeing what your creative mind is capable of producing.

Imaginative Skulls All creative, talented and innovative mind artists and writers, are you imaginative skull?

Midnight Ramblers If it’s late and you are scribbling (typing) down something absurd or just ramblin on, then we invite you to post with us. No one has a clock on you, so if its not quite late, just post it anyway…

The Beauty of Poetry This group is desinged to showcase all the wonderful poems on redbubble and photos that are poetic. We will run challenges for writting and photography.
Whats accepted:
Poetic images
Images that have a poem to go with them

The Red Writing Room
The Red Writing Room aims to bring together writers of all different stages and styles: whether you’re new, emerging or established, whether you’re a novelist, poet or playwright. We aim to provide a dynamic, vibrant community offering support and encouragement to writers from all corners of the globe, as well as facilitate social events and workshops in the real world. The forums in The Red Writing Room provide a wealth of resources, from writing prompts and story ideas, to regular updates on competitions and prizes, as well as tutorial and critique opportunities. The Red Writing Room is also here to provide you with information on other writing groups within Red Bubble, so that you can utilize these wonderful resources and make the most of your writing. In short, if you’re passionate about the written word, welcome aboard!

The Wonderful World of Words
A group for writers and readers, chatterers and jabberers. Grab a coffee, sit down and let the words flow
I highly recommend this group for it’s laughter and life in the forums, a very encouraging place to start on redbubble if you love writing and would like to be encouraged and encourage others, it’s a little community in and of itself.

Writing: Persuing Happiness: 1 per day
This is a strickly writing group… poetry, stories, songs. Whatever you feel at the time and place that you feel it… post it here!

Heart & Soul~ a writer’s group
THEY DO NOT ACCEPT IMAGES WITH OUT WRITINGS or images with just a list of what was used to create it with.
A writing group for the emotional writer- Free Stream thinkers# read the rules of the group very carefully

marella marella 89 posts

I want to shout one loud THANK YOU rite now !! I received SUCH great advice, SO speedy and professional in STUNNING style ….. !!! WOW – what a pleasure …. marella

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Thank you!
Hope we will be forgiven if we can’t always be so fast, but our aim is to help as quickly as possible.
We do hope people will let us know how group suggestions worked out for them.

Groups with a lot of Activities and Challenges

Mood & Ambi(e)nce – Strictly Photos / ( No need to enter images in the group for the challenges) With most groups, you need to add your work to the group before entering a challenge. With this group, they tell you up front, just enter the challenge. Work added to this group should show a mood, feeling or ambiance.

AMAZING CHALLENGE ENTERTAINMENT Many themes This group runs 10 challenges per month and tries to hit all the art forms. They bring in five guest co-hosts each month. Enter your work in the group and make sure it’s accepted before entering the challenges. Challenges are entered by clicking on the “Challenge” tab from the group’s home page.

Artistic Assignments This group is a little different. To be featured, you must participate in the assignments as well as adding your work to the group. Under the “Forums” tab, you will find lists of “Assignments”, “Mini Assignments” and “Member Assignments”. Most of the Assignments are posted in a journal, and then the journal is added to the group. I believe most of the mini assignments are posted right in that forum topic.

More to come… Click on “Watch This Topic” in the upper right hand corner if you want to be notified of new messages to this forum. However, check back as often as additions within existing messages won’t be noted anywhere.

Terrie Taylor Terrie Taylor 1167 posts

I agree a BIG THANK YOU, for the help, advice and suggestions I have already received on my first day and first photo put in the group.
I am looking forward to being a part of this group.

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

You’re welcome and thank you!

HeavenlyCanvas HeavenlyCanvas 2 posts

Thanks Corri for being so helpful. I was able to find some groups that fit my images!!!!

marella marella 89 posts

Corri – you ROCK in that lil group of yours ! I found at least 3 new groups to “do my thing” – thanks so much ! x

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Thank you Marella, Heavenly and Terrie!
It’s always good to know if the group suggestions were the right ones.
I hope group members will post their own suggestions as well.

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

In case anyone is “watching” this topic, we added a few more sections and groups for nature, black and white photography and street photography.

mojo1160 mojo1160 95 posts

There are actually two groups for black and white photography with almost identical names. The one you mentioned above accepts 1 submission per day. The group Black & White Photography takes one submission period (though I think you can swap them out). There is also B&W Photography 4 You which has a little more liberal submission limit and don’t think so much of themselves that they reject out of hand. (In fact I don’t recall ever having anything rejected by them.) Sorry if you already listed that one, I looked but I didn’t see it.

mojo1160 mojo1160 95 posts

Also, the Rejection Recovery Group has changed its name (again, apparently) to the Gems Gone Unnoticed Group. The link is the same as are the moderators (I think), but they didn’t make any big announcement about the name change. I only noticed it when one disappeared from My Groups and the other appeared.

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Hi Mojo!
Thanks for the info. I am a member of the Rejection Recovery group, and I hadn’t noticed that they had changed their name. Good to know.
There are several groups that take only a limited number of works. If you reach that number and still have more to add, simply leave the group and rejoin. BUT if you are in a challenge or have a currently featured work, don’t leave the group until end of the challenge or until the next batch of art is featured and yours no longer shows on the home page. Thanks for the info on the black and white groups too.
Most of the groups I listed above are easier to get into in that they are not looking for a specific style of photos or their rules aren’t too specific.
But it’s great to list other groups down here in the comments so that others can try them.
Thanks again!!! Those are great suggestions.

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4088 posts

This is a fabulous forum!! What a splendid idea to have this here for suggestions and ideas!! Well done Corri!!


Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Thank you, Rhonda!
Feel free to add in anything you think someone might find useful. :)

Karin Taylor Karin Taylor 3809 posts

Corri thank you for inviting me on board to help as a co-host, I think you’ve been doing an amazing job here, I’m pretty well blown away!!! Fantastic group concept and so kind and helpful… I’m very lucky to be here with such fabulous hosts and members, thank you :)

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

You’re very welcome, Karin!
And thank you to everyone who has joined us.
Long day yesterday being road crew for the 60-mile mountain bike ride.
So as soon as I’m rested, I am going to do some bmails so folks know where to get started. :)
Thank you!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4088 posts

Oh boy, Karin!!! You are the Rebubble help wizard and I am excited to see you co-hosting here!! I continually recommend your journals with help to everyone.


Karin Taylor Karin Taylor 3809 posts

Hi ♥R♥ so glad to be part of the team, and so glad you’re on the team too! :) x

Karin Taylor Karin Taylor 3809 posts

I just popped in to add a group, which I don’t think is already here, it’s for artiststs who paint called Painters in Modern Times

  1. Painters in Modern Times is a group which endeavours to showcase the best of our hand painted works. – Two per day
Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Thanks, Karin!
That looks like a good one. :)

Didi Bingham Didi Bingham 332 posts

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this. Great list of groups and nicely set out which made it easy to see what I was interested in. I appreciate it!

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 4256 posts

Wow, one word STUNNING! Thank you so much and take care !

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