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Send Me A Song

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

I was listening to a song that I have heard the group Celtic Woman sing several times before. The entire song to me is made up of beautiful lyric after beautiful lyric.

Sometimes the title is what captures my imagination, sometimes, a phrase, sometimes just the instrumental behind it. I have posted the name of the song and the lyrics below.

The point of this Challenge is to take a phrase or the title from the song, and try to portray that part of the song through photography, painting, drawing, or any other medium.

I will give you all plenty of time to think and prepare since some mediums some times take a while to create. The Challenge will start in one week, it will run for three weeks, and the voting will take two weeks.

Good luck to everyone.

“Send Me A Song”

Take the wave now and know that you’re free,
Turn your back on the land face the sea,
Face the wind now so wild and so strong,
When you think of me,
Wave to me and send me a song.

Don’t look back when you reach the new shore,
Don’t forget what you’re leaving me for,
Don’t forget when you’re missing me so,
Love must never hold,
Never hold tight but let go.

Oh the nights will be long,
When I’m not in your arms,
But I’ll be in your song, That you sing to me, across the sea.
Somehow, someday, you will be far away,
So far from me and maybe one day,
I will follow you,
And all you do,
’Til then, send me a song.

When the sun sets the water on fire,
When the wind swells the sails of your hire,
Let the call of the bird on the wind,
Calm your sadness and loneliness,
And then start to sing to me,
I will sing to you,
If you promise to send me a song.

I walk by the shore and I hear,
Hear your song come so faint,
And so clear,
And I catch it, a breath on the wind,
And I smile and I sing you a song,
I will send you a song…
I will sing you a song,
I will sing to you…
If you promise to send me a song.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Read through the lyrics posted in the introduction then look through the art and vote for what you think does the best job of incorporating the medium and art with a line out of the song.

Rewards & Prizes

The winner will be a featured artist. The greatest prize is creating new and intriguing art and having people discover it.

Cover Image: Watching The Future by Laddie Halupa


The Top Ten

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