! Nikon UK & Ireland !

For Nikon owners in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man

Recent Work

  • Fishing Gear On Beer Beach, Devon by Rod Johnson
  • Dreamy seas by eddiej
  • Richmond Bridge view, London by tdphotogifts
  • Early Morning, Callanish  by lezvee
  • A Mountain In Glen Coe by lezvee
  • Church Reflection by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Sandymouth Beach by eddiej
  • Sandpiper at Akumal by Chris Monks
  • Dusk at Hartland Quay by eddiej
  • River Fowey by eddiej
  • Bat Pollinating a Banana Plant by Chris Monks
  • Duckpool   by eddiej

About This Group

Welcome to the Nikon UK group
A photography only group for owners of ANY Nikon camera residing in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man.

We are a ‘no frills group’ catering for the more discerning photographer, so no banners will be added to the comments section of your work for features etc, but a simple message instead, as we believe this group is All About The ART.

Thinking of joining?
Please take time to familiarise yourself with the group rules & guidelines so as to avoid the disappointment at having work rejected.
Thank you.

This group has no association with the Nikon UK company or website,
apart from the fact that we all use Nikon cameras.


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Dunlin by Chris Monks.

Group became active 2200hrs, 20/06/13. Original Hosts, CP & CH-V

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