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Features - Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - A Meaningful Moment

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Hi Everyone,

What do all these features in A Meaningful Moment have in common? Each artist truly felt and conveyed their Meaningful Moment in their artwork! Please take time to share their Meaningful Moments and congratulate them on their wonderful works of art by “clicking” on the images and encouraging them in their work.

All images are “clickable” and will take you to the artist’s comment page where you can congratulate and encourage your fellow artists.

May 7, 2013

From The Inside Out
by TeresaB

Winter Trees
by Ludwig Wagner

A Tree on the Hill
by Alessandro Pinto

Standing alone ….
by Carisma

The quiet morning of a busy day
by bubblehex08

Moonlit Mangrove
by Peter Doré

You can find all these featured artworks in our Permanent Feature Gallery and on our Home Page.

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Have Fun!

your host,

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 14874 posts

Great features! Congratulations to everyone!

seeingred13 seeingred13 109 posts

Amazing selection!