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January Avatar ~ A Favorite Time of Day

This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

For this challenge please submit your BEST capture of a
favorite time of day. Our cover image shows the type capture
that is acceptable. Please…no Candid Captures.

Judging / Voting Criteria

You may vote for one or more!

Rewards & Prizes

Featured Member
Banners For Top Ten Winners

Additional Information

Group Guidelines Apply To Challenges
Images not following the challenge guidelines
will be removed without further notice.

Cover Image: Dalmatian Sunset by paolo1955


The Top Ten

Dalmatian Sunset by paolo1955

Dalmatian Sunset by paolo1955 was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 11 votes.

  • Wetlands Morning by Evelina Kremsdorf
  • Misty Morning at Kennebec Lake, Ontario by Debbie Pinard
  • Sunset At Lake Te Anau. South Island, New Zealand. by Ralph de Zilva
  • Touching the Quick by Tula Top
  • Chilling at Sunset by Steve Randall
  • Poppies at the lake by Arie Koene
  • Sunrise - Mt. Kearsarge, N.H. by T.J. Martin
  • Sunset Strahan Style by Sharon Kavanagh
  • We're going out tonight..To kick out every light..Take anything we want..We're goin til the world stops turning..While we burn it to the ground at night by jammingene

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