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For The "Fully Rigged / Brig / and Ship of the Line" Only

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

This is the fourth in a series of challenges to do with the type and make of a Boat or Ship…
This challenge will be for the FULLY RIGGED / BRIG / SHIP OF THE LINE / CLIPPER type ship.…
This challenge is a quick one to see who can come up with the best image
of a Fully Rigged Type Boat or Ship…
This challenge will also accept a Brig and a Ship of the Line.
Fully Rigged…Three or more masts, with each having a complete set of square sails.
In other words.all masts having Cross Yardarms that support sails. Click Here
Brig….a sailing vessel with two square-rigged masts. Click Here
Ship of the Line… A ship of the line was a type of naval warship constructed from the 17th through to the mid-19th century, such as HMS Victory / Batavia…Click Here
Clipper… A very fast, square rigged sailing ship…Click HERE
If one mast has yardarms then it would be a Brigantine or Barquentine and would not qualify for this challenge.
See Cover Image for what I am looking for, .or B/Mail me with the name of the ship
and I will get back to you with the type,,,
The next will be for the Cutter and Maxi Yacht…


Judging / Voting Criteria

The main feature of the image MUST be the Fully Rigged type of boat or ship.
Any parts of the ship will be accepted, just so long as the name or type of the ship is mentioned in the description….
Any image of a Ship other than a Fully Rigged / Brig / or Ship of the Line type
will be rejected.
The owner of the image MUST be a member of this group.
The image MUST be submitted and accepted into the group prior to judging.
All voting will be carried out and the winner be chosen by members within the group.

Rewards & Prizes

The winning entry will be placed on the groups Homepage.
A Challenge Winner’s Banner.
A chance to get extra exposure in our Forum.
Applause from fellow group members.
The Fun of it.

Additional Information

Definitions of the Type of Boat was taken from “Beken of Cowes – A Century of Tall Ships” with text by Kenneth J.Beken. in association with HRH The Prince Of Wales.
If you have already won a challenge with a specific image in A Love of Boats, then please choose another one.
Please ensure that your image has been accepted into the group.
You can check this by clicking on the red edit button top right hand side of the screen, then on the drop down ‘my works.

Cover Image: A F Chapman by Trish Meyer


The Top Ten

Amerigo Vespucci by paolo1955

Amerigo Vespucci by paolo1955 was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 17 votes.

  • "Stad Amsterdam" by globeboater
  • " Tall Ship En-Route " by terryfellows
  • Outer Spit Buoy by manateevoyager
  • Cutty Sark by Rob Beilby
  • Rigged for Sail - Dartmouth by Mark Baldwyn
  • Homeward Bound by TeresaB
  • Tall Ships Home Again by Mary Campbell
  • "Sagres" Tall Ship. by terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture
  • Early morning view (2) by Themis

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