""""A Little Bit Country""""

*A group for those who carry that digital camera everywhere, to capture the most beautiful moments in COUNTRY life. THREE IMAGES ONLY PER DAY - NO PRODUCTS - PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY*

Recent Work

  • Homestead by pcknockoutart
  • Whimsical Clouds and Gas Trails. by Billlee
  • Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta by Viv Thompson
  • Dall's Sheep in Kluane National Park by Yukondick
  • Goat Guard by Lesliebc
  • lavender doorway  by marxbrothers
  • Cheesy Church by Michael Matthews
  • Taken Over By Nature by Penny Smith
  • Stewart Farmhouse and Garden by Lesliebc
  • A Dark Blue Fog Morning by Angelika  Vogel
  • High on Grass by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Tree Silhouette at Sunset. by Billlee

About This Group

A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY has been adopted by Shirley, Jean & Ana – as your hosts we would like to see well presented work that will be pleasing to the eye of everyone.

As the title says it is for Country pictures or anything to do with country only. Work that is not suitable will be rejected. PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY

Anyone who is rude to the Hosts will be removed from Group


Avatar /Wind Turbines or Windmills – 02/6/2018

0662 Trees – Old & New by DavidsArt

Avatar/Open Barn or Shed – 23/2/2018

Storm Light by Nadya Johnson

Avatar/Small Walkway or Bridge – 26/3/2018

On Top of Black Mountain by Ludwig Wagner

Avatar/Sheep Country – 13/2/2018

Foggy Morning by Alessandro Pinto

Avatar/Sheep Country co-winner – 13/2/2018

Along the Canal by Alexandra Lavizzari

Avatar/Sheep Country co-winner 12/2/2018

Ram grazing on Slieve League Ireland by Ludwig Wagner

Avatar/Signs of Autumn – 10/12/2017

Fall by Wolftinz

Avatar/Farmland & Mountains – 20/10/2017

Hay below Ben Lomond by Graeme Hyde

Viaduct challenge – 23/9/2017

France, Pont Du Gard by Vadim19

Avatar/Fallen Beauty – 19/9/2917

Uprooted by John Kapusta

Avatar/Fallen Beauty – Co-Winner 19/9/2017

Beautiful Relic – Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/Still Standing Strong – 15/8/2017

Ghost tree by Yampimon

Avatar/Street Market or country Fair 19/7/2017

*Eindhoven fair fruit stall by Arie Koene *

Avatar/Small Brook – 23/6/2017

Near Monture’s grave by BryanDSpellman

Avatar/Landscape – 27/5/2017

Oregon Countryside by Barbara Brown

Avatar/Lake with Birds – 26/4/2017

I’ve had Enough…. Goodbye…! by Alexandra Lavizzari

A Country Lane-way – 16/4/12017

N.Z. Country Road by PhotosbyG

A Country Lane-way – 16/4/2017

The Way Home by Gregory J Summers

Avatar/Something on a Farm – 26/3/2017

Old Cart by relayer51

AVATAR/Farm Animal – 25/2/2017

Sisters Stick together – by Tony Crehan

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