**A HOME SOMEWHERE - the whole full view of the outside of the house**

Specializing in quality photos of gracious, old or new homes, with lots of charm & character that stand out because of their architectural design.

Recent Work

  • Mortsund - Lofoten - Norway by Arie Koene
  • Under World Fantasy......... by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Obel Tower and St George's Wharf, Belfast by Chris Millar
  • By the Sea by Barbara Manis
  • The Governors House by Mary Campbell
  • Shilo Farm by Monica M. Scanlan
  • Fall Glory ~ Isolated Cottage Enveloped in Orange Foliage by Chantal PhotoPix
  • House - Porch - Belvidere, NJ - A classic American home  by Michael Savad
  • House - Porch - Cranford, NJ - Lovely in Lavender  by Michael Savad
  • House - Porch - Metuchen, NJ - That yule tide spirit by Michael Savad
  • House, Sinaia, Romania by Margaret  Hyde
  • Schloss Rothenthurn by paolo1955

About This Group

We are about capturing a full view of a home somewhere.

We can all go on a journey around the world and share photos of homes that we normally wouldn’t be able to see.


Michael John
Statement from profile;
G’day Everyone,

Having studied Environmental Biology, I am always drawn to Australia’s amazing flora, fauna and wilderness areas.

My photographic interests are pretty much related to Australian landscapes, rustic Australia, historic Australia, Australian wildlife, flora, fauna, birds, etc. Guess I love the country I was born and live in

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