A Home for Black Pets (CATS & DOGS)

Showcasing the beauty of black domestic CATS and DOGS that face color discrimination.

Recent Work

  • Biker by BATKEI
  • ~OloveEyes~ by DonnaM
  • Painting by BATKEI
  • Rescue Me... by DonnaM
  • Best Friends by Noah Michalski
  • Funny Funny by BATKEI
  • Happy Scottydays! by AngieDavies
  • Day Dreaming Black Cat by vrphotographysa
  • Harvest by BATKEI
  • Cocker Spanial Sad Eyes by vrphotographysa
  • Huskies Under the Wooden Door by vrphotographysa
  • Pumpkin Season by StressieCat

About This Group

Black pets often face discrimination for one reason or another. Lets put this to an end by showing the world they’re beautiful creatures, just as capable of sharing love as any other color of animal. Please join if you hold a special place in your heart for black pets.

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