"Tone It Down"! (3/day - No [EXPLETIVE] color allowed!)

Group Rules:

Revised 7/1/11
NO COLOR PIECES WILL BE ACCEPTED! Keep in mind this group is for Sepia, Black and White!
COLOR – Please make sure that your work DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY COLOR. Not a drop of blue within Sepia. Not a drop of yellow in Black & White, and so on. NO COLOR PIECES CAN BE ACCEPTED!

Only works in sepia or black & white will be accepted.
NO _ NATURALLY_ COLORED “sepia” or “black & white” works like – color photos of brown leaves, a black and white cow, sunsets/sunrises, etc, which have that “sepia” tone by way of nature. Set your cameras or use editing tools for Sepia and/or B&W.

No Duotones, No Selenium, No Cyanotype, No styled greyscale, No lightroom split tone, No nik silverefex No other techniques that introduce color, Not the appearance of color, Not the hint of color, Not the impression of color, the mere attempt to introduce color will be cause for removal from this group. If your sepia efforts leave you with anything close to flesh tones it will be rejected.

NUDES – ALL WORKS MUST CONTAIN A SAFETY FILTER. We all have freedom of expression, but when it comes to nudes, please keep it tasteful. Spread eagle shots, photos of sexual acts; anything that leans toward the pornographic side, and the like, will not be accepted. Please use a safe-filter on any work that contains a nude body that does not have any cover over what is normally hidden by clothing or underwear. Transparent/sheer fabric over such body parts will also need a safe-filter.
Some may question the rule about babies and children, but in order to keep down any issues about a piece of work being pinned as child pornography (the law varies from country to country, I know, but….), it’s just easier to use a filter, even on _ tastefully done art of newborn baby bottoms._

Moderators will REJECT the following images -
Any spot color visible in art (Sepia must cover the whole image.)
Any selective color
Any image with the appearance of color
Nudes without NSFW filter.
Uploading more than 3/day will result in all of your images being rejected
Uploading multiple similar images, let’s keep the gallery exciting and varied, similar views should be uploaded on separate days.

*Three rejections in a 90 day period will result in the member’s permanent removal from the group

New members submitting images in violation of our rules will be removed from membership without warning*

As this is an invitation only group you must bubblemail any host asking to be invited and stating that you “have read the rules and agree to follow them if accepted.”

Thank you.
Ell-On-Wheels, JanieD, Andrew Makowiecki and Larry Grayam