"Tone It Down"! (3/day - No [EXPLETIVE] color allowed!)

This is a group for Sepia and black and white works only! No color is allowed!


  • THE LIGHT PLAY by RakeshSyal
  • Vancouver Best City by jakking
  • If On A Winter's Night... by Mojca Savicki
  • Wild West Highway by DuboisDigital
  • Barbed wire by heinrich
  • Cafe 66 by Steve Silverman
  • Broken In by Cathy L. Gregg
  • Cold Light of Day by Jeanie
  • Dreaming of a distant shore by marc melander
  • Love by heinrich
  • Winter's Skeletons - Marshmallow Trees by Kevin Skinner
  • 'Ow's Yer 'Ealth? by SquarePeg
  • Over My Shoulder by SquarePeg
  • Wish by Mui-Ling Teh
  • Shop Dummy by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • King Street  by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Fedora by Robert Meyer
  • wrinkled by natalie angus