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Hi from Perth =)

Kell Jeater Kell Jeater 15 posts

Hi everyone,

I’m Kell from Perth, Western Australia.

Hmm what else to say?

I was very drawn to the group. High contrast black and white portraiture seems to be my style, I like the idea of offering fine-art portraiture where clients have an art piece for the wall rather than just a photo of themselves.

I’m also very obsessed with native flowers and plants. I find that removing the colour makes for some stunning images and focuses more on form and texture. Am discovering that mono flowers aren’t for everyone hence why I’m here!
I also like photojournalistic and street photography though I rarely shoot it myself.

When not taking photos, I’m writing on my blog, baking or scribbling away at some fiction.

Thanks for reading!

wildwomenlove wildwomenlove 170 posts

hi Kell, so nice to meetchoo…I’m from Adelaide…

I’ve just finished a year at film school. I write poetry and photograph…

cheers big ears

Larry  Grayam Larry Grayam 1203 posts

Hiya Kell so glad you joined our little group. So how about putting your thinking cap on and tell me what places would I just have to photograph on a visit to WA around Perth/Fremantle?

Kell Jeater Kell Jeater 15 posts

Sorry for the late reply Larry!

Well so many images have been taken of Freo over the years, so it may be best to focus on the people. Fremantle is very eclectic. You’ll find such a wide range of people here but the general vibe is laid back, a little carefree, bohemian and hippy-ish. John Butler-Trio are from Freo, they should give you a good idea. I’d like to focus on the artists.

As for landmarks in Fremantle, that would depend on whether you like to do the tourist shots or if you like to buck the trend. I like going up to the Roundhouse. This is a little limestone prison that was convict built. It’s actually 12 sided…not round! From the hill there there you can look back down the street and get great shots of the town hall, the ocean etc. For those that like modern architecture, the Fremantle maritime museum is quite stunning and in the same area you often get the Leeuwin and sometimes the Endeavour (both tall ship replicas) come in to port.

For those with their nerves in tact, the Fremantle arts centre is one of the oldest and most haunted buildings in the state, if not the country. The Fremantle prison is equally as renowned. I don’t like being in Fremantle at night!

I’m going to grab a coffee, more soon – and Hi Sharon!

Kell Jeater Kell Jeater 15 posts

Hi, back again.

Ok, so Perth. Whilst (to my knowledge) we don’t have any world-renowned architecture such as the Sydney Opera House, there are still some interesting things to photograph. They’re a little harder to find than in other cities, but we do have some lovely old architecture if you go and have a look. The general rule is to ‘look up’ as you’ll see some great finds above the current modern shops in the pedestrian malls. This site is useful – http://heritageperth.com.au/

There is also an awful lot of glass buildings to play with both in the Cbd and on the side facing the Swan River. It can be difficult to get the light on them though as most face north/south.

Winter is interesting for shots, although it’s very unpredictable. We had very little rain this year but a huge freak storm in March (still technically summer/early autumn) dumped about 3 months worth in one afternoon. We are also one of the windiest cities in the world…so do with that information what you will.

September sees people flock from all over the world to photograph our wildflowers. Over 12000 species of Australian natives grow here and about 60% are endemic to WA (paraphrased from tourism site).

Otherwise come and photograph our blue skies, sunsets over the beaches and laidback lifestyle. And get in a car to do the south west coastline and forests.

Any other questions? =)

Larry  Grayam Larry Grayam 1203 posts

Thanks a bunch Kell that will keep me busy just researching it all.

dreamNwish dreamNwish 651 posts

Hello, and welcome to the group, Kell!


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