A Bit Of Mail in the Box

Mail, Letters, Mailboxes, Postal Boxes...The old fashioned way of doing it.

Recent Work

  • Out in the Country by Jing3011
  • BROTHERS:  Goofing Around by Michael J Armijo
  • EAT MORE FRUIT by Michael J Armijo
  • Miss Potter's Post Box by CreativeEm
  • Blue! Airmail Pillar Box by CreativeEm
  • Crescent Road Collections by CreativeEm
  • Hauteville Green Post Box by CreativeEm
  • honk homk by Tom McDonnell
  • British Winter by CreativeEm
  • 163 by Tom McDonnell
  • mixed by Tom McDonnell
  • Morning NSW by Tom McDonnell

About This Group

For those of us who still use the ‘Snail Mail’ way of sending those letters, notes, packages or even jsut plain old junkmail.

Photography, artwork and T Shirts accepted. Looking for all those amazing images of mail, mailboxes, letterboxes, letter/postal carriers, and even those post offices or mail rooms!

No nudity or ‘un-safe’ work please. We will delete those as we want this ‘family friendly’.

Please go congratulate KazM on winning the Critter Mail challenge with Cow Mail

Congratulations waxyfrog for our first challenge win! Just click on the feature banner below to go view the wonderful images available in her gallery!

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