...and their feline friends (small domestic cats only!!)

Recent Work

  • Space Kitten by Catsupy
  • Cat on a Roll (featuring some fruit) by Catsupy
  • Kitten Rolls (II) by Catsupy
  • Ballerinas by cuprum
  • Milk moustache by GreyFeatherPhot
  • I Hate Parties by Heather Clark
  • Beestenboel by cuprum
  • Box Full of Maggie by Chris Gudger
  • Tomcat, Interrupted by cuprum
  • Milk chin by GreyFeatherPhot
  • Siamese Cat Print by MisterMeezer
  • Siamese cat in the window by MisterMeezer

About This Group

This group is all about the appreciation of our domestic feline friends. Tabby Time Cats & Their Feline Friends (TTC&TFF) is open to all artwork, photographs, drawings, paintings, and clothing.

Images to add to our gallery:
-Submit well composed quality work.
-Rule of thirds.
-Does your work tell a visual story?
-Creativity and originality is a certain eye catcher.
-Let your work speak for itself…writing on the work can sometimes be distracting!
-Color or black & white…. you choose!
-Special touches – editing/creativity process etc.

Please refer to the Group Rules for further details. Have fun!

GROUP AVATAR chosen 14-Nov-2015
Fall Cat by nightrose0087

2014/15 – AVATAR HALL OF FAME (September 2014 – November 2015)
(Member to be invited back to compete in an invitational challenge next year! This will be a specific challenge for the member to submit one of the avatar images below.)

PLEASE NOTE: any glitter or animated graphics posted or used by the hosts are from Photobucket and use a link back to the original image. No image is represented as being created or owned by the hosts.

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