50+ High Quallity images of people 50+ years of age

HIGH QUALITY photographs ONLY (NOT stupid Snapshots) that simplu capture the beauty, love, wisdom, character and personality of 50 + year old people

Recent Work

  • Man resting, Nepal by indiafrank
  • The Cobbler by Michiel de Lange
  • Father (Christmas 2006, North Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada) by Edward A. Lentz
  • Paul O'Grady by Margaret Sanderson
  • Two Handed Yawn Stiffle by phil decocco
  • I Dare You ! by phil decocco
  • Bradley Walsh by Margaret Sanderson
  • Grandpa Has The Touch by phil decocco
  • Contemplative Indian at the temple by indiafrank
  • Street Shave by phil decocco
  • The crabber by indiafrank
  • Old Pals by phil decocco

About This Group

Some still look like they’re in their late thirties. Well built men with their handsome faces and elegant women, beautiful as ever.
Other’s faces tells a different story. A story of a hard life as witness the grey hair and mapped out by the wrinkles. However, most of those face wrinkles may just as well be the result of a life of laughter.

They experienced it all and it shows. They are characters, they are wise, they are beautiful, they love and they are still very alive. They are parents and grandparents, they are friends, they are tutors and they are role models. They know the difference between right and wrong and they are there to show us the way as they already walked the path.

We are looking for ‘real’ pictures … rather than photoshop engineered pictures.

  1. At the present time no T-shirts or journals are accepted.
  1. Whether it is a wise old man with his walking-stick or a portrait of a glamorous diva, the person(s) being photographed should be the main subject of focus, and should take up a good portion of the composition.
  1. At leas one of the people in the photograph must evidenatly be 50 years of age or older.

A photograph of a person or a portrait is a single static image that must act as a metaphor for character and soul.

You’re Never Too Old To Laugh Challenge Winner

The Salute – NSW (True Blue #1)
by CasPhotography

Living Life Challenge
Old Saint by Rajeev Kashyap



The Believer by Mukesh Srivastava
Portraiture Photography Challenge

The Believer


NOSTALGIC by RakeshSyal
Close-up Portrait Challenge


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