1950+ Planes Trains n Automobiles. From 1950 to Now

Cars, trucks, aircraft, trains and motorcycles from the 50's till now

Recent Work

  • The future by su2anne
  • Belgian F-16AM 2012 demonstrator FA-84 by Colin Smedley
  • F-22 Raptor by Barrie Woodward
  • 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 ‘Periscopica’ Spyder by Stuart Row
  • The battle for 3rd place by Willie Jackson
  • Lotus 69 - Tiff Needell by Willie Jackson
  • Surf"s up! by su2anne
  • classic white by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • 1967 Ferrari 312 F1 by Yuriy Shevchuk
  • P-51 Mustang by artstoreroom
  • Purple Heart - POW/MIA by John Schneider
  • Ford GT 40 24 Le Mans  by Yuriy Shevchuk

About This Group

Capturing the modern era of transport, from the 1950s when cars mimicked the fighter jets of WWII and then morphed into a celebration of the space age, through the muscle car era of the 1960s and 1970s. We also are accepting newer vehicles of transport right up to the present.

Accepted types of artistry photographs, artwork, writing, and Tee-shirts providing it pertains to the criteria described above.

For cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, trains, tractors, wagons built prior to 1950, please add them to our sister group
49er With Wheels – Ground Transportation prior to 1950

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