Twenty Three

Recent Work

  • Not For Human Consumption by PictureNZ
  • 23 by Lyndy
  • The Exiguous Existence of the Dresden Absentee Party by Peter Krause
  • The Sunken Sailor . . .  by Peter Krause
  • ir23 by 23kurtz
  • Lyon 23 by clochette
  • 23 Ha by 23kurtz
  • Area 23 - Gate 23 by Laoghaire
  • 23rd view by 23kurtz
  • 23 by Daniele Porceddu
  • Visual Puzzle by bubblehex08
  • Gate 2/3 by 23kurtz

About This Group

Sometimes numbers just appear, sometimes we just notice them. The number I keep noticing is the number 23. It was a relief to find out that I wasn’t alone, a quick spin around the web searching 23 is an entertainment worth a few moments. This group is for 23 spotters. A gallery celebrating a number and revealing it in all its glory.

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