21st Century Celts

This group dedicates itself to people using Celtic Art as their inspiration to create original art work.

Recent Work

  • Celtic Swan by BurrowsImages
  • The Celtic Green Man by Antony Potts
  • The Druid And The Green Man by Antony Potts
  • Celtic Lion Letter R 2018 by Donna Huntriss
  • Celtic Yggdrasil - Tree of Life by Carrie Dennison
  • Celtic Lion Letter A 2018 by Donna Huntriss
  • Celtic Lion Letter B 2018 by Donna Huntriss
  • Circle of the Enlightened - Ivy by Toradellin
  • Etin by S. Camille Crawford
  • Woden - Grey by S. Camille Crawford
  • Celtic Hound Letter T 2018 by Donna Huntriss
  • The Awakening by Carrie Dennison

About This Group

Brick Knot by Rob Bryant

Celtic Art is an ancient art form that began in Europe during the Iron Age 5,000 years ago. Famous for its incredible spirals, knotwork, inter-twining animals and people, Celtic Art is instantly recognizable and always admired when you consider how old the art form is.

Its complexities are matched by its diversity: through the centuries the Celts created jewelery, huge stone carved crosses, elaborate symbols and hand drawn religious books which have served to inspire many artists to create their own form of Celtic Art.

If you have been inspired by Celtic design to produce your own version of this art form, please join our group!!

PLEASE NOTE: Images featuring Celtic myths and traditions alone are not what we are looking for here. Please also avoid submitting artwork and photographs depicting Irish scenes. We are trying to collect a variety of work that shows how artists have developed Celtic DESIGN. Examples of Celtic design include zoomorphism, interlocking figures, knotwork and keypatterns. We are looking for people who can use this art form in new ways to create modern interpretations and make Celtic Art relevant today.

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