2025 *5 Per Day*

Group Rules:

All members are aged at or between the age of 20 and 25.

Remember there are so many of you, it’s hard to keep track of the age, if you do not post your age on your profile and you WILL BE DELETED.

If You are below 20 or above 25 Please do not join. As we will also have to delete you..

Work is approved by 2 hosts and members can submit artworks, photography, t-shirt designs and/or writings. Please no Journal writings in this group.

The daily limit of work that will be accepted per day is 5. Failure to restrict work added per day will result in work rejection. There is no limit to how much work you can add, just so long as you only add 5 works per day.

We will be accept tasteful, artistic work images. We will NOT be accepting distasteful nude porn. Please make sure to check the ‘safe filter’ is art works are nude. Failure to do so will have work deleted from group until ‘safe filter’ has been enabled.

We also like to see unique pieces of work so please upload your BEST WORK and please no snapshots/point and shoot images (ex. Giggly fun shoots with friends, myspace quality) or writing which forms a series. Duplicated uploads or work that look similar will be removed (ex. 3 different pictures of a candle in 3 different colours – Submit only the best capture of the 3).

We thank you for reading over 2025 group rules. If you meet the required criteria we look forward to your input in this growing community of passionate young adults.


Cheers friends,

Love 2025