2025 *5 Per Day*

A Group For Aspiring Young Adult Artists To Come Together, Express Themselves And Their Unique-Artistic Talents.

Recent Work

  • Notre Dame Montreal by John Velocci
  • For Honor - Highlander Dunmaghlas B&W by LosGee
  • For Honor - Highlander Dunmaghlas by LosGee
  • Ibuki - Street Fighter  by LosGee
  • Chun - Li- Street Fighter 5 Battle Costume  by LosGee
  • Reflections of Venus by Penny Kittel
  • Tekken 7 - Eliza by LosGee
  • Tekken 7 - Kazumi Mishima & Tiger by LosGee
  • Godspeed by John Velocci
  • Ascension 7 by John Velocci
  • Stairs of Wonder 5 by John Velocci
  • Pizza Slices by H A K A N   Y A L C I N

About This Group

Juliweeeeee won the “all thing’s vivid” challenge

Won the “show us youre dark side” challenge with her wonderful entry “punk clown”

Penny Kittel
who won this challenge with this brilliant image
We are looking forward to having you’re image as our newest avatar!

Jessica Walker
with her beautiful entry…

A place where young adults aged 20 to 25 can come together, collaborate, and submit artworks, photography, t-shirt designs and/or writings!

This group will run alongside 1621. 1621-2025 groups aims to keep this wonderful community of youth to young adults together but in fair competition in sharing features and competing in group challenge

Whether you’re growing, upcoming or already in the thick of it producing professional works, let’s keep us all familiarise ourselves with one another throughout the forums and challenges!

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