! 100% ! Limit 1 per 24 Hours! - closed for a few days

Group Rules:

If you cannot observe the 1 PER 24 HOUR LIMIT please do not join this group as we will remove repeated offenders of this rule.

1. If you submit over 1, we will reject them all no matter how fantastic they are. We do not want to discourage participation, but if people disregard this rule, it will be enforced.

2. NO SERIES SHOTS unless it is in one photograph. This will give everyone a chance for exposure.

3. No shots that are the same but with different colors or black and white or a closeup of a section. *Please use the description area of your work to add these variances in.

4. NO SNAPSHOTS – If it looks like a snapshot it will be rejected no questions asked.

5. No clothing, writing or journals are accepted (sorry, there are many other groups for these types of art)

6. This must be your own work, no reproductions please.

7. No war propaganda unless it is a photo of a war era piece.

8. Please do not post your dad’s (or other family member’s) work, or restorations you did of someone elses photography. The photograph must have been taken by YOU, the artist in order for it to be accepted.

9. Please note that horizons that are uneven (unless it is for artistic purposes), blown out skies, fuzzy or out of focus photos, photos that simply look like a snapshot and multiple entries on the same day are the biggest reason for removal of a photo from the group.

10. Give us your 100% best work ONLY. The group moderators will fairly review and accept only the work that you should be most proud to submit.

11. This is an active group so please participate :)

If you are rejected please read the rules to determine why, do NOT bubblemail the hosts.

We are so glad to have you, thank you for sharing your talent with us.