Not all humans in images are accepted. NO NUDITY! NO collages. Not to much text.

Recent Work

  • The Narrows by Valentina Gatewood
  • Evening Sun - Shetland by Peter Martin
  • Cockatiel Portrait by Nuno Pires
  • funny foot prints by madi98477
  • White Pocket by Alla Gill
  • Red Clay (ca. 2010) by Penny Vogan
  • hearts pattern by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • Running Bull An Abstract by Cathy Jones
  • dots pattern by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • Turtle World by Apatche Revealed
  • dots pattern by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • The Whale's Tale by Patricia Howitt

About This Group

1 Entry PER DAY!

This is the Art & Photography Group for: Photography, Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Water Colors, Colorful Inks, Dyes, Pastels, Silk Painting, Colorful Drawings, Finger Paintings, and Colorful Pencils. This group is for painters who have imaginations and great talent and always give there best. Relax and enjoy yourself here. Looking forward to see all the great talent that will be coming in. All we ask is that you submit your best artwork!

You must indicate in the description what types of mediums used.
Example: Acrylics on canvas 16×20.
Example: Mixed media (water colors, ink markers and pencils)
Example: Oil Painting…. Silk PaintingFinger Painting
Example: Acrylics on canvas painted with knife and brush.

We are looking for great art work! Please do not be discouraged if your art work is not accepted in our group, It’s nothing personal, it’s just not what were looking for. Just keep trying!

See the group rules and join this group here