0152 Railroad Maps Map of New York City Brooklyn and vicinity showing surface elevated railroads in operation and Inverted


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Cojín 16 x 16 inch Sofás, camas
Cojín 18 x 18 inch Sofás, camas
Cojín 20 x 20 inch Sofás, camas
Cojín 24 x 24 inch Sofás, camas, suelo
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Cojín de suelo 36 x 36 inch Suelo Funda
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  • Estampado de colores vibrantes por ambos lados, perfecto para llenar cualquier habitación de arte.
  • Diseños de artistas independientes estampados solo para ti bajo pedido.
  • Funda suave pero firme 100 % poliéster. Relleno opcional del mismo material.
  • Cremallera invisible, como mandan las normas del buen diseño.

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Descripción del artista

The Vac loves old maps.

This project uses historical railroad maps in the public domain from the Library of Congress and applies the following processes:

1) The maps are converted to standard graphic format where needed.
2) During conversion the sRGB colorspace is applied.
3) The maps are cropped where necessary to remove areas of scan/photograph that didn’t include the map itself, namely scanner deck and similar.
4) Where applicable the colors are edited – usually in cases of severe yellowing – to improve readability while keeping as much evidence of wear and tear as possible.
5) In some few cases, the maps are further edited to remove uneven edges and scanner deck colors. This occurs where an edge of a map has been folded under or there’s a curve deformation in the scan. This is not done in cases where the map has a physical hole if it’s not too egregious.

For each map, an inversion is also created. Thus, each map has a positive and negative version. If you’re looking at a traditional map, you can find the color inversion of that map by searching the name of the map plus the word inversion. If you’re looking at an inverted color map, the traditional map can be found by searching for the name of the map without the word inversion.

All edits, color corrections, and digital work beyond the initial archival scan are done by the Vac of wetdryvac.net.

The Vac also does custom map modifications. If you’d like custom text or layout added to a map to reflect a game character, a personal location of importance, “Here there be dragons and kittens,” Or similar, the Vac is happy to make that go for you as well for a price. The price for the edits is in addition to the price you pay for the print here – the Vac prefers to use Red Bubble even in cases of direct sale.

-Wetdryvac / Wetdryvac.net

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