• Colores lisos: 100 % algodón. Gris jaspeado: 90 % algodón y 10 % poliéster. Antracita jaspeado: 52 % algodón y 48 % poliéster
  • Producción ética
  • Corte entallado (si prefieres la ropa ancha, puedes pedir una talla más)
  • 145 g/m² (4.2 oz). Si te resulta demasiado ligero, te recomendamos la camiseta clásica


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Mercury I - Gold Variant
Diseño de mellamomateo
Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, and moves freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife. He is protector and patron of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths he is a trickster, and outwits other gods for his own satisfaction or the sake of humankind. Hermes is identified with the Roman god, Mercury.

Camiseta unisex

Mercury I - Gold Variant de mellamomateo

15,68 US$