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My name is Delphine de Noire. I am an artist, a work of art, a work in progress. / Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Master Storyteller. / .

Dearest Friends and Lovers…
My Art and Poetry are here for your perusal, pleasure and pain…
Thankyou kindly for all your precious words of praise and admiration. I appreciate them and you immensely. I find myself on an exciting journey, an adventure where anything can happen… Doors of opportunity are opening up for me after years of imposed incarceration… I intend to enter through these doors anticipating the wonders on the otherside… I bid you to come with me and share in my deelight and joy… For I tell you now, if it wasn’t for you and your precious love for me and my work, my Beloved, I wouldn’t have had the strength or the courage to persevere and overcome my many trials and tribulations…

I’m sure I speak for all Artists when I say we pour our hearts and souls into our work and work our minds and bodies incredibly hard… I for one am trying to make a living in the Arts, as are countless others here on RB. We can only do this if we are supported and encouraged, both intellectually and financially.

If our works move you in any way… Then please, dig deep and give generously.
Incidently, I currently hold the originals, please contact me via email or bmail should you wish to commission me or to purchase an original.

Thankyou kindly in anticipation,

Much love, affection and appreciation

Delphine de Noire

aka Medusa

Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Master Storyteller

A Work of Art,

My Bubblesite

“I am an Artist, a work of Art, a work in progress…
A woman possessed,
Tortured, Tragic,
Fearless, Determined,
I have a lustful appetite…
For Artistic EXPRESSION!
Ugly duckling…
Beautiful swan…
Earthbound caterpillar…
Fly butterfly fly…
Ever changing…
Like the seasons…
Lizard Queen…
What colour will you be tonight…?
Black tonight… Midnight…
Red at dawn…
Purple at dusk…
Sky spirit paint your worlds…
Sea creature with your unfurling curls…
Forest Faerie…
Woodland Witch…
Enchant me with your words…

Copyright © Delphine de Noire

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Journal Work Featured:

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All Things Poetic, Artistic and Philosophical

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the above Redbubble Hosts and Groups for supporting my work. I fully appreciate this.

Delphine de Noire aka Medusa

“And in the room of the disgraced Poet
Fear and the Muse take turns on watch
And the Night goes on
Which does not know of Dawn”

“As if I were a river
The Harsh Age changed my Course
Replaced one Life with another
Flowing in a different channel
And I do Not recognize my Shores”

“They took me out to the very Brink
And for some reason Left me there
I will roam the Silent squares
As if I were the towns Mad Fool”

Anna Akhmatova
“High Priestess of Russian Poetry”

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