Forums closed - fellow artists please get in touch

Today Redbubble have “temporarily” closed the forums which used to be a place Redbubble could engage with artists, and where until today artists could network and keep in touch.

If you’re an artist who used the forums, or are new and would have used the forums, please leave a comment and send me a direct message. You can tweet me at @jezkemp and find me on Instagram at @jezkempinsta.

The message posted where the forums used to be, and emailed to a handful of artists, is that this closure is so that Redbubble can address the spam issue and relaunch next year.

This seems doubtful. Given the last year, it seems far more likely that this is a “softly-softly” approach to getting rid of the forums permanently, without actually telling artists this is what is happening, to prevent artists getting vocal and complaining.

For example, the Site Updates forum, which used to be so crucial to engagement with artists, disappeared overnight with no warning or announcement. Today, all the forums have been taken down without any prior warning or notice.

I’d love to be wrong and see the forums back in 2019, improved, spam-free, and with proper artist engagement like they used to be.

Unfortunately the most likely situation is that RB have no intention of bringing the forums back, and this is a step to prevent artists sharing notes and experiences on the continual bugs and lack of fixes we’ve seen in 2018. Seeing that shareholders get more updates than artists do, it seems highly likely that RB see the forums as a PR risk to reputation. Removing the forums means one less place artists can openly discuss the bugs and RB’s inability to fix them and unwillingness to be open with artists.

On a personal note, the removal of forums means the disappearance of the bugs list I was curating for artists (which any other website/company would provide themselves), and an unofficial petition about the disastrous clothing products layout which has remained unfixed since being launched a year ago.

The direction of travel the last 1-2 years is away from RB as the artist community Redbubble used to be, and towards being just another print-on-demand website. So even if the intention to bring back the forums is genuine now, in 6 months’ time, RB HQ will most likely consider bringing back forums as an expensive and time-consuming waste of resources.

Like I say, I’d love to be wrong, but I think this is the situation.

My prediction: Groups are next to go, followed by journals like this. I give it about a year to 18 months.

Artists: Get in touch, and let’s find a place we can all keep in touch.
Please leave a comment and send me a message.

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