2015: New products, new designs, Horned Warrior Friends, and the Christmas rush

Hello again! The last I wrote here I was approaching 1000 followers. I’m well past that now, but then again, how many are active Redbubble users? There’s probably only a couple of dozen of you guys looking at my new designs, and for that, I salute you.


2015 on Redbubble has been a big year, mainly for their product expansion. Last year it was mugs, duvets and pillows, which were all pretty big. This year we got notebooks and journals, pencil skirts and leggings, drawstring bags, scarves, L and XL stickers (and a separate template, finally!) and now we’ve just had the full-print graphic T-shirts. Crikey!

Every time a new product is dropped on us, I scramble to make sure all my designs are sized, formatted and loaded properly – and with 700ish designs this does take a while. I’m only halfway through the graphic print T-shirts; and there’s still some stickers using the old T-shirt files, which means they’re in CMYK colours, which are less exciting than good old RGB.


All of this is great but it comes with the usual frustrations – the main one being, Redbubble never tell us designers when a new product is coming. It’s very frustrating and it’s hard to see how an email notification, maybe 1 week in advance, would be a problem.

Added to that, right now the preview thumbnails for shops & searching designs is, awful. If you’re only searching T-shirts, the thumbnails are now rectangular, which makes sense. But if you’re searching products, every design set to “T-shirt” as its default product is squashed into a little square, with lots of empty space. Frankly it looks awful and it’s hard for me to see how or why Redbubble has let this happen, when all other products provide a square thumbnail neatly trimmed to the design, making it as large as possible for viewers.


Still though, it’s another year I’m very happy to be on RB, very happy with their attitude and support staff, and very happy that it’s still my main platform for my designs. One of my constant to-do tasks is getting all my designs up on my other sites, like Society6, Zazzle and Cafepress. But the reason I haven’t done this already is that none of their upload processes are as good as Redbubble’s! Society6 requires JPGs for all products, and the less said about Zazzle’s process the better.


This year I’ve been focusing, for the first time, on my own designs. Part of this has meant taking most of my meme and mashup designs, some of which I’m very proud of, and it’s been sad to see them go.

But on the flip side, it’s been equally reassuring to see the sales stay the same as last year, with only my own designs. It’s hard, solid data that people enjoy my designs and that even with crappy drawings of dinosaurs and unicorns, my designs can actually stand up by themselves.

My goals this year were quite simple: expand the unicorn range! I’ve made unicorns of everything: llamas, alpacas, otters, giraffes, badgers, pandas, red pandas, stegosaurus and loads more. To be honest the sales of these things have not been instant, but they’re an investment: whenever people search for a unicorn [animal], I want my designs at the top of the search results.

Another priority has seen Horned Warrior Friends develop into a webcomic. And it’s great! They’ve finally now got about 12 episodes, enough for their own calendar, which just sold a copy 2 days after going online. I’ve got plenty more ideas for episodes and I’m getting lots of good feedback on social media.


And once again, Christmas is here. I’m spending lots of time trying to make sure all my products and designs are in order, for the Christmas rush over late November and December.

It’ll be interesting to see how many of the new products this year sell; I’ve already worked out patterns work best for leggings and skirts, and I’m lacking in those, which could be an area for development next year. Then there’s the question, does more product variety mean significantly more sales? Or just that people who want to buy something have a better choice?

Once again, thanks everyone who’s commented and favourited and bought things this year, and massive kudos to all you other designers making excellent work.


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