After 19 months, the favourite button is back. Not much else is.

Recap: At the end of October 2017, Redbubble launched a new layout on clothing products, which was a complete disaster for artists and customers.

Now, 19 months later, it looks like a favourite button has been added on the new layout. I can see it in the top right corner of the main product image. This is good, I guess.

Unfortunately, the new layout has now been rolled out to most products now.
And most of the problems are still there:
- No edit button
- No comments
- Text code in description is a mess
- No front/back print choice for customers
- No “This design is private” note for artists
Etc. etc. etc.

So, it’s increasingly difficult to use the standard workaround of viewing the design on a different product (e.g. to go

"Copy previous design" function: Finally, a useful update for artists

After a catalogue of problems the last couple of years – failing to fix issues, and deliberately shutting down avenues of communication with artists – it feels bizarre to say that Redbubble have made a major improvement for artists.…

The “Copy previous design” function allows you to copy all the settings from a previous design. That includes:

  • Size & position of the design file on all products
  • Title, description and keywords
  • Background colour on all products

Each of these has already saved me quite a bit of time in publishing new designs.

Setting the size & position of design files on each product takes a lot of manual effort. Depending on your design, it’s unlikely that the size & position will be the same for a mobile phone case (tall, narrow) as for a mug (flat, wide), and so on. Sure, to l

Bug example: RB's internal views count vs Google Analytics

Are your designs not getting views? Relax! They probably are, and you don’t know it.
This post is aimed at RB artists for purposes of support, clarity & reassurance.

Something has been wrong with Redbubble’s internal views count for a long while, but it really came into focus with the disastrous half-rollout of the disastrous website layout for clothing products, in November 2017, which I’ve described here:

For the month of November 2017, Redbubble was neither counting views
a) internally, for an uncertain range of products (you can see internal views in your “Manage Works” portfolio, and on the designs stats on the old product layout) OR
b) in Google Analytics for T-sh

Problems with the website layout for clothing, since November 2017

This post is aimed at RB artists for purposes of support, clarity & reassurance.

Hi friends

The permanent closure of the Redbubble forums meant the disappearance of 2 posts I thought were useful and important:

  • The Current bugs lists and status, detailing which website bugs artists had seen, if/when they’d been reported, etc.
  • My unofficial petition on the disastrous website layout for clothing: detailing what was broken, asking for an explanation and apology

I didn’t keep saved copies of these posts, and naively didn’t think Redbubble would shut the forums without warning.

So I’d like to recreate some of that information here, in my journal (before journals are taken away!), as an information source for other artists.

This post is about the disastrous website layout, rolled out on clothing p

Why Redbubble permanently closing its forums matters

So Redbubble have, after all, closed its forums permanently.…

Many regular forum users received an email full of platitudes yesterday, 2nd February 2019. Please cross reference my post with Byron’s post here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/byron/journal/....

Spin back to October 2018, 4 months ago, when the forums were closed temporarily.

RB copypaste email: “We will temporarily be closing the forums” (emphasis theirs)
Me: “Given the last year, what reason do artists have to believe this is temporary?”
RB Community Manager, personal response: “ We don’t have any intention of removing the forums permanently. ” (emphasis mine, but exact quote)

I’m not going to make this post a long tedious rant.

For me, this is concrete evidence that artists cannot really

Forums closed - fellow artists please get in touch

Today Redbubble have “temporarily” closed the forums which used to be a place Redbubble could engage with artists, and where until today artists could network and keep in touch.…

If you’re an artist who used the forums, or are new and would have used the forums, please leave a comment and send me a direct message. You can tweet me at @jezkemp and find me on Instagram at @jezkempinsta.

The message posted where the forums used to be, and emailed to a handful of artists, is that this closure is so that Redbubble can address the spam issue and relaunch next year.

This seems doubtful. Given the last year, it seems far more likely that this is a “softly-softly” approach to getting rid of the forums permanently, without actually telling artists this is what is happening, to prevent artists gettin

2000 followers! Very exciting

Hello friends!

Just a quick one – I’m very excited that I recently passed 2000 followers here on Redbubble. It’s more than any of my social media accounts and hopefully a sign that people like the things I make.

Thanks so much. Onwards, at a reasonable speed!

Jez & the HWF x

2017 All Over My Face

Well hello again!…

You beautiful people who’ve signed up to my Redbubble are the very first ones to see new designs as they go out, so it’s only fair I start writing to you again.

I’m not blogging in a serious way, and that’s probably for the best given Brexit, Trump and white supremacy, but it’s also been quite couple of years for my designs – let’s get up to speed.


Just after my last post I moved into the wonderful Isle of Dogs. Now, I’m over the river – went north to go south – in Rotherhithe. It’s pretty cool. We’re getting a new bridge in 2019 (or 2021, or 2031, or long after we’re all dead).


About end of January, the Redbubble fairies featured my “To The Disco” design on the “Found” homepage, and nothing’s been the same since. So great to see so many people enjoyi

2015: New products, new designs, Horned Warrior Friends, and the Christmas rush

Hello again! The last I wrote here I was approaching 1000 followers. I’m well past that now, but then again, how many are active Redbubble users? There’s probably only a couple of dozen of you guys looking at my new designs, and for that, I salute you.…


2015 on Redbubble has been a big year, mainly for their product expansion. Last year it was mugs, duvets and pillows, which were all pretty big. This year we got notebooks and journals, pencil skirts and leggings, drawstring bags, scarves, L and XL stickers (and a separate template, finally!) and now we’ve just had the full-print graphic T-shirts. Crikey!

Every time a new product is dropped on us, I scramble to make sure all my designs are sized, formatted and loaded properly – and with 700ish designs this does take a while. I’

992 RB followers

I checked my followers for the firs time in ages and it’s up to 992. Huzzah!

This is way more than any of my social media accounts.

Of course most of them don’t have profile pictures… and some don’t even have accounts any more… but SHHHH.

Should I have a little promo for my 1000th?

Thanks everyone!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait