The Chaosium was founded by visionary game designer Greg Stafford in 1975, and over the last forty years Chaosium has published some of the most acclaimed and award-winning roleplaying games of all times – RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, King Arthur Pendragon, HeroQuest – as well as such classic board and card games as White Bear & Red Moon (later called Dragon Pass), Nomad Gods, Credo, and Mythos.

The Chaosium lets us dream the dreams of dead gods and construct the universe out of its essential runes. It lets us travel along the Lightbringers Quest to revive the murdered sun or walk the non-Euclidean pathways of R’lyeh’s nightmare corpse-city.

In this mundane and grey world, the Chaosium brings your untamed imagination to life, through role-playing games, books, board and card games, comics, and more. Guard yourself with the Elder Sign and fortify yourself with Rune Magic, it is time to begin your adventures!

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We're Overhauling the Store!

Hey everyone, / I’m Ellie the new mogul of merchandising around here. I am cleaning house, reorganizing, and uploading tons of new stuff to the store. I have a survey for merchandising feedback and would love to hear from you. It’s a tiny one just 5 questions and will help make sure your favorite amazing Glorantha and Chaosium art ends up in your hands. /…
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Our World View—“We are all Us.”

The Chaosium exists deep underneath the bottom of the lowest Underworld. It is the Fount of Chaos and spews forth our collective unconscious – fantasies and monstrosities alike – into our world. Artists, lunatics, and gamers are all inspired by its restless dreams. The Chaosium speaks to us: / “We are all Us.” / “You must cut the Dragon Head off yourself, take it with your left hand and mak…
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Chaosium - About Us

Chaosium publishes acclaimed and award-winning books, roleplaying games, board games, fiction and more. / “The first published RPG was Dungeons & Dragons, shortly followed by some other imitative games. Chaosium, however, was never content to imitate but published games that were original in style of play, content and design. We quickly became renowned for our originality and creativity…
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