BB's Top 17 !!

Some of you may know my birthday is only a couple of days before Christmas. And often people with this condition tend to receive fewer presents than if the two were further apart.
But that’s not how we roll on planet BB! I was lucky enough to get lots of awesome stuff from family and friends who know just what makes me tick.…

So as I’m so blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the spoils of my combined BDay and XMas, I feel compelled to share…
Here is my top 17 pick of the (very) lucky boy’s gifts of 2015 from friends Sue & Jeff from the UK, sista Barb from down the road… and wife Bev from the next room (watching a Man United match with much anguish as I type…)

1 – Skeleton dog. Billybones has been harping on and on about a companion. Always thought I was enough, but he wanted one without

Grand Master BB !

This is me. As painted in oil by long time never seen or spoken to RB buddy from Carmel CA, Barbara Sparhawk. Here’s her RB profile:


She did it from various photos I sent her and there`s been much discussion about which parts look more like me than others. But I`m a big believer in artistic license. Ms. Sparhawk says herself that especially family members are comfortable with a perfect resemblance. But she believes there is a part of me that is not comfortable and even a bit edgy and she wanted to put that into the mix. And you know what? I think she nailed it spot on. Her work, whether portrait or landscape, is always a highly personal blend of physicality and soul that comes from the complexity of her assessment of both.
And I`m kinda chuffed she

A Feline Tribute

If you clicked on this, then there’s a good chance you know Scratch.
The cute, photogenic little Siamese kitten who’s been the subject of some of my favorite and most popular posts on RB.…

I’m sad to say he passed away this morning having been an essential member of our family for over 18 years.
Since these pictures were taken, all of them originally on film, the little guy has become camera shy… and also a bit crotchety and cantankerous and even rather cynical and totally self centered (yes, a glowing tribute to his breed :-) so I stopped even trying to capture a portrait of him ages ago.
And in fact over the years it’s been a bit of a love / hate relation between us as only a true cat lover can know how they play on our emotions and push our buttons in a way that even our fellow humans can’

Default View

I have to say that I understand RedBubble`s need to promote product sales.
And I can`t really complain cause I`ve netted over 500 Euros simply by having my stuff available without even giving a rats hoot about selling products… if someone wants to rest their head on a B&W Manhattan city skyline pillow that`s totally cool with me.…

What does bother me though, is that when visitors hit my page, I want them to see the picture and the description and comments first. Then if they want to, they can see what products it`s available in.
So what I don`t understand is my RB doesn`t let us set the default view to what we want. And also, why can`t we get the big view when we click the image in the ABOUT view? We now only get the big view when we click on a product.

It`s like I`ve always said, also w

I Hope I'm Not Offending Anyone With This...

Flickr. Humph. That silly red & blue dot logo.
For me it was synonymous with tack.
Like when I joined RB 7 years ago I knew some people who had work on Flickr… they’d send me links and I’d check out some of the other art while I was there. Snapshots and silly comps. Stoopid pictures that got these RAVE comments and invites to groups and stuff and I thought how could people think these pictures were worth even clicking a fave on??
Flickr was the pits. They didn’t even know how to spell it !!…

OK, in the meantime I admit that RB has lost some good artists because of the lean towards commercialism and pushing products. I didn’t really care much cause the people I cared about were still visiting my stuff and my feed was still being fed by artists I followed and so the quality of the art wa

Easy Button Blues

Maybe someone can help me?
I used the Easy Button to place an image in one of my descriptions and the resulting image was small, even using the large feature format.

I seem to recall there was a new version of the Easy Button and so maybe the one I`m using is obsolete… but then, I might have been dreaming. Wouldn`t be the first time. And probably won`t be the last :-)

Anyone who knows about the problem or the solution, please let me know !

Big love,

Quick question...

In the EDIT page, there used to be a (barely visible) button to change your image. Worked for me if I noticed something wasn’t quite right on an image I uploaded and needed to edit it without losing all my comments and faves and stuff.
Worked a treat. Thought it was such a cool facility.

Anyone know what happened to it?

Sleepless over Faves

So it finally happened.…

One of my most popular pictures, Sleepless in Manhattan , has been on RB for over 6 years. Over those years it`s had its fair share of comments, features (48), sales (total of 70), views (over 26,000)… and faves. And I said to myself a while back that if it ever gets to 500 I`d be so amazed that I`d write a journal about it…

Funny thing is, as it`s been around so long many of those who have faved it in the past have since left RB. So it looks like it`s getting close… then some faves drop off… then it looks like it`s getting even closer… then some more drop off… and so on…

So finally this morning, a certain Sriarts from India clocked in with no. 500 !
Which is actually no big deal really. There are some images on RB that I think have many more… some pictures fro

You Don't Have to Paint to be an Amazing Artist !

Peter Kay is a great example. A true artist at the absolute summit of his craft.
It’s not only about content, it’s as much about timing, delivery and knowing just how far you can go without going over the top and this guy’s got it down to perfection.

So if you’ve got the time, watch this through to the end. It’s fabulous.
For me, none of those songs will ever sound the same again…:-)

FINALLY... I can buy the Harley !!

It’s been exactly 4 years since I shot this picture of son-in-law Art on this amazing Harley V-Rod in Rossmeyer’s Ormond Beach showroom……

4 years of thinkin’ Jeeze, if I only had the dosh to buy that puppy I’d ride it to heaven and back. 4 years of working myself to the bone and focusing intensely on that fabulous dream that I prayed one day would come true…

Then FINALLY, and without warning… today came the big break I’ve been waiting for every single minute of those 4 years…

Somebody actually went and bought ONE HUNDRED cards of my picture “The Rock” !!!

The Rock
by billyboy

So now I’m a rich basterd with cash to burn !

But since I can’t actually buy a V-Rod with 16 Euros and 28 cents…
I’m gonna buy a box of frogs instead and send it to a school teacher.
HA !!

Life is amazing.
Even without

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