! Tee-raphic Tees

*Only graphic work please!* A group for Terrific (graphic) Tees!!! (see what we did in the name?)

Recent Work

  • «Dino el monstruo» de Melcu
  • «Araña amigo Ara Gog» de I-am
  • «pintura de la selva» de jackpoint23
  • «Necesito más espacio» de Melcu
  • «Tiburón» de jblittlemonsters
  • «Tough Female - Retrato abstracto moderno del cepillo» de bicone
  • «Patinaje» de Byrnsey
  • «ACIM ~ Lección 106» de ACIM-LOVE
  • « El pensador analítico - Retrato abstracto moderno del cepillo» de bicone
  • «Fe» de vogamark
  • «Sophia de The Golden Girls Sicily 1922» de Kathleen Frank
  • «La Delusion Chevron» de Julia Cheng

About This Group

Welcome to Tee-Raphic! The group was set up by Ellie & Rebecca in 2013!

This is a group for terrific tees as well as Iphone cases & stickers. Hosted by Tee lovers! ;-) You must only enter good quality designs that you yourself would purchase! The designs MUST be made as Tshirts or your design will get rejected!

We ask that you only submit your best work & work of good quality please – photography is not welcome, please see hosts other groups for photography!

Your designs must be made for sale on Tshirts! (iphone, stickers etc also welcome)

_Visitor Count since 01/12/13! _

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