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Recent Work

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  • «Cariño, hace frío afuera!» de Bine
  • «Golden retriever en hojas de oro» de Andrew Jones
  • «¿¿Te conozco??» de Heather Friedman
  • «Cara graciosa» de Michael Haslam
  • «Cocker Spaniel inglés, acuarela Cocker Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel» de Rosaliartbook
  • «Hermes y calabazas» de Morag Bates
  • «Smooth Jazz Dog» de Sophia Bersentes
  • «Personal» de ExtremePro
  • «Jack» de Ladymoose
  • «Misko En Perfil - El Springer Spaniel Inglés» de mcworldent
  • «Perro de dibujo bulldog francés» de bonidog

About This Group

Submit images that show off the dog. The dog must be the main focus of the image.

This Group Accepts: Photographs and art work.

Weekly Aww! Image


We do expect good quality of work and do no accept quick snapshots. Images with cats, humans and human parts are NOW accepted.
Please take an extra minute to take a good picture. Clear bright images. No dark images. We want to see a good view of dog. When taking a picture don’t have the dogs face so close to the camera that it makes dog look odd. We want to see the dogs face. If your photo does not show the dog’s face, it needs to be a spectacular image for acceptance.

Please Read Rules Before Joining Group

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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