"Exceptional Ekphrasis"

the art of creating art inspired by other art

Recent Work

  • «Paloma mística» de Kenneth Haley
  • «Dibujo ultra ligero - tinta» de Regina Valluzzi
  • «(NVM) No importa» de Phraszy
  • «Vamos a mezclar» de Phraszy
  • «Soy una ladycat» de EuGeniaArt
  • «Buen viernes» de Smartmano
  • «pink purple elephant ecopop» de jorgelebeau
  • «deep green emerald elephant ecopop» de jorgelebeau
  • «green emerald elephant ecopop» de jorgelebeau
  • «kitsch pink elephant ecopop» de jorgelebeau
  • «Nacido para ser salvaje» de Smartmano
  • «Fraszy» de Phraszy

About This Group

Browse through the galleries of our awesome artists for inspiration to your own Ekphrasis! “Artwork created to interpret another artwork” We receive so many gorgeous pieces every day we need 4 lines of art not just 2! So don’t hesitate to click into the galleries of art & writing to view more!

Our current avatar is ☼ ‘Peace on Earth’ by tkrosevear Winner of the Christmas Avatar Challenge Race! and the second $20 RB Voucher! ☼ B R A V O !!!


In this group you will find the Exceptional examples of Ekphrasis!

I have spent 18 months building this group and defining this concept
The closest definition I can simplify it to is:

Ekphrasis is _an artwork created to interpret another artwork!_ ☼

• One artist to another artist – different genre style same subject
• One artist to another artist – same recognised genre style same subject
• One artist to another artist – same recognised genre style different subject
• Same artist – same subject different genres
• Same artist – same subject same genres different interpretation

It was first noted in the art of the Ancient Greeks and has carried on through time!
Wikipedia Definition

We see it every day;
- There are artists who paint pictures of stories imagined by writers – we call them illustrators
- TV shows from novel series, eg, “Agatha Christie” & “Saddle Club”
- Its rife in the cinemas – Movies are generally made from books or comics
- This sparks the flip side too where books have been created about successful movies or TV shows
- On our beaches in summer there are competitions of sand sculptures of fairy tales and other characters, and in most theme parks yet more sculptures of characters and scenes from stories
- Walt Disney was a master creating live cartoons! – moving cartoon pictures from fairy tales and other stories
- There are poets who write poems to awesome scenes captured on film [ok digital now days] – this is called Treatise [the obscure meaning of the word]
- Even music written for theatre becoming popular in it’s own right eg: “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” from the movie “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid”
- and vise versa – popular music being included in musicals – “Moulin Rouge” “Pracilla Queen of the dessert” & “Mumma Mia” for prime examples!
- Especially in Dance where movement is the expression of the music to show a pattern or tell a story eg; “Aurora’s Wedding” is the ballet of “Sleeping Beauty”

Surely there are more combinations and it can network also – art inspired by art inspired by art and so on!

It is also the influence of an artist’s style that you adopt to create your own art with – eg Monet’s impressionist art, or the moving disjointed cartography of Monty Python cartoons influenced by Dali or Picasso! The Heidelberg school or even the Bush Poetical Style of AB “Banjo” Patterson CJ Denis and Henry Lawson (etc) that have formatted Australian Bush Poetry! There are even awards for people who can create art in an ekphrasis style after each of these masters!

Ekphrasis is rife all over the world and in the bubble we unconsciously encourage it! So this is a group to bring Ekphrasis out of the woodwork and into the limelight!

If you are interested in contributing to Ekphrasis art please join this group and meet up with other artists in the forums or just look through the folios of artists available

☼ Happy Bubbling! ☼

PS Chookas Means ok? ☺


The best avatar piece has been from tkrosevear Phoenix Rising
Thank you Tammy for this image, It served us well !! and by leaving it here for a while I also hope it will still remind everyone that there are still thousands of homeless survivors of the Black Saturday Victorian Bushfires 07-02-09 and the work goes on and on in rebuilding their lives! Please check out PHOENIX APPEAL for any way you could possibly help! Thank you your compassion is highly valued!

Our other avatars have been:
1st (Oct – Nov 08)
Mystery Lost
By the hosts – art Tim Everding and story adgray

2nd (Dec 08 – Feb 09)
First Avatar
Art and poem from Tracy Bagnall

3rd (March-May 09)
Phoenix Rising

4th (June-August 09)
Hush in the Bullrushes by adgray due to confusion of the last challenge. It is also fitting for all the recruiting and work addy does for this group – thank you!

(September – December 09)

Requiem for a Tulip – collaboration with Johanne Brunet
by monocotylidono Thank you George for this stunning piece!
Also the recipient of the inaugural EEG $20US RB Voucher Prize ☼BRAVO!☼

☺♫♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺ Happy Dancing !!!! ♥☼♫↔♥↓§↑♣♪→§♦↕♫☺

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