*UP TO 3 FLOWERS - ANYTHING ELSE ONLY ON REQUEST FOR CHALLENGE - NO RED BUBBLE ARTICLES ACCEPTED - (DEFAULT WORK ONLY)PLEASE READ – While I have your attention: we, as hosts, would appreciate it you could post your work as “image only” under ‘Default view

Recent Work

  • «Rosa dulce» de Varcoe
  • «California melocotones pronto!» de Heather Friedman
  • «Azaleas de primavera» de Ludwig Wagner
  • «Eucalipto a punto de enderezar sus piernas» de Joy Watson
  • «Cosmos Curl» de ASTRID EWING
  • «Tulipanes de primavera» de Martha Medford
  • «Hermosos tulipanes por dentro y por fuera.» de Loopy-Lou
  • «En el mundo de las pequeñas flores» de JohnDSmith
  • «Duplica tu placer» de Al Bourassa
  • «Gemelos» de MGStrack
  • «Disocactus × hybridus (también conocido como Orchid Cactus)» de Bryan D. Spellman
  • «Las suaves dalias rosas.» de Ana Belaj

About This Group

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PLEASE READ – While I have your attention: we, as hosts, would appreciate it if you could post your work as “image only” under ‘Default view in your shop’ next to your mature content declaration. In other formats it has become nigh on impossible for us to post banners if your image is featured or has some success in a challenge. It also means that your work appears in the largest format, so everyone has a better chance of properly appreciating it’s needle-sharp clarity and purity of tone! This is in fact a requirement of the group – this applies to all groups


Avatar/Fuchsia – 26/4/2019

Fuchsia in Red & White by Carole-Anne

Avatar/Fuchsia _Co-Winner 26/4/2019

Blue Eyes by Lesliebc

Avatar/Fuchsia – Co-Winner 26/4/2019

Pendulous Flowers by Thea65

Avatar/Fuchsia – Co-Winner 26/4/2019

Fuchsia by Elaine Teague

Avatar/Chrysanthemum – 07/4/2019

Chrys Ann The Mum by Len Bomba

Avatar/Chrysanthemum – Co-Winner – 07/4/2019

Purple Dyed Chrysanthemum by TeAnne

Avatar – Yellow Threesome – 07/3/2019

Yellow threesome by Elaine Teague

Avatar/Orange – 2nd Feb. 2019

Orange Beauty by Ludwig Wagner

Avatar/Christmas Flowers – 05/12/2018

Red Bells by SieneBrowne

You may have 3 entries per day but they will be removed if they do not meet the rules of the group

All artwork must be clear with excellent focus and colorful. Close-up’s please. Only submit your best. Photography, painting, drawing will be accepted but must be colorful and follow the following rules.

Things you should check your image for before submitting.

- Is the focus such that you can clearly see the details of the flower.

- Is it a close up or macro of a real flower.

- Is it colorful – not black & white or sepia, or looks like B&W or sepia.

- If there is writing on the image it must not cover the flower in focus.

- no frames. no ipod, no iphone, no ipad

New rules accepted by Hosts Feb. 2014

We will accept up to three flowers in a picture that includes any that are faint so don’t think you can have three good ones and some fainter ones they will not be accepted. So if you have two and half flowers that will count as 3.

We will also accept into the group, butterflies, birds & bees. BUT they are not to be added unless a request is made for them for a “challenge”

When a challenge is run it is for exactly what the host is requesting ie -One flower doesn’t include one flower and a bird. If the challenge is for 2 flowers that does not mean two and half. You should get the idea. This way we can have a little more action in the group…Also be warned that the host who runs the challenge will continue to moderate even after voting has started.

What the Host asks for is what you should add nothing more or less & work must be in Group.

Jean does most of the moderation and has a trigger finger for pictures that do not obey the rules.

Any questions call Shirley by B/M.

- Is it so overly post processed we won’t even know it was a photograph of a flower.

- Image must be in our Gallery before entered into a Challenge. Hosts may participate in co-host challenge but not their own.

Do not be discouraged if your image is not accepted into the gallery. Some come very close to being accepted but just may lack that focus and clarity we need.

If one of your images does not get accepted, simply, browse our gallery to get acquainted with what we are looking for in your image and then get out there and capture some more enchanted flowers to submit.

See the group rules and join this group here

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