!Altered by Imagination - ✦2 per day✦

✦!Altered by Imagination✦ Open for Submissions ~ 2 Submission Per Day => If you submit more than 2 (TWO) it will be rejected

Recent Work

  • «Imaginación sugerente» de Heather Friedman
  • «Nestles the Seeds Perfection» de billfox256
  • «Tómese el tiempo para oler las rosas» de ASTRID EWING
  • «Paseo en barco ilusorio» de taudalpoi
  • «Flamenco rosado» de Ruta Dumalakaite
  • «~ Se miente a ti mismo en la oscuridad ~» de Nadya Johnson
  • «Es imposible superar a Dios» de EloiseArt
  • «El cese del tiempo provocado por el sueño.» de Nadya Johnson
  • «Pintura abstracta azul piña» de EloiseArt
  • «Simetría temerosa» de billfox256
  • «Arte de pimiento rojo» de Heather Friedman

About This Group

!Altered by Imagination – ✦✦2 per day – one per day✦✦

2 submission per Day [24 hours]
I have decided to up the limit to 2 Submission Per Day – PLEASE ADHERE TO THIS AS IT TAKES TIME TO MODERATE WHEN YOU ARE A HOST ALONE => If you submit more than 2 (one) it will be rejected – THANK YOU!

Altered By Imagination is a group dedicated to encouraging a community of artists to submit art that has been created through their imagination. This includes digital art, paintings, drawings and photo-manipulation.

✦ We are looking for high quality art that is thought provoking, striking. . . Imaginative.

✦ Asking to be featured or solicitation for votes in challenges is not allowed.

September 2016 AVATAR Challenge

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