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I am a seasoned musician who enjoys writing poems, lyrics and heartfelt prose with dark, gritty poignant analytical deepness. Intense...

I have been drawing, writing poetry and lyrics since I first began to care. When I was very young, being left-handed life was hard in itself. People telling you to do things their ways and trying to confuse you – was overwhelming. My interests are very broad, ranging from the bizarre in art and music to the very dark and deep in writing poems, songs and prose. I enjoy simple things and reach to pursue a fair and just dimension in my writing. To feel free to run with words – imagery of wide vision more than meaning – yet meaning to an abstract realism, an invitation of depth in passion. Extreme Imagery… soulful, blessed, heavy, deep, mindbending dreamscape realism. I love the sun and sunsets ! I also love all nature – wind, storms, astronomy, color…
I relax with varied melodic forms of music – as I am a musician of sorts – guitar – drums – keyboards… Pandering progressive fusion rock, freeform, electronic, ballads, soundscores and processing.
I am honored to be part of this widely vast array of fine artists.
Feel free to look at my work and give any opinions that would be rendered.
All my work is copyrited various times and is used upon permission by me. I have much validity to my work, in prose, lyrics, poetry, and in short story expose.
I am expressing myself in as many ways as I feel that is necessary to project my essence.
Everything is Time…. Believe, receive, achieve and succeed.
Everything is Everything…
Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is impossible…
Then you’re on your own…. It is too hard to convince others to believe.
Time will work out… it has to, it must, it will, it has… IT IS….. I AM.
I choose to be ‘AWESOME’! Life is what we make it, make it great. Make it Matter.

Have a Good one !


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Bubble Blog


Got to keep the vision. / Others may not have the focus or the drive. / I must keep on keepin’ on. / Regardless of what is going on around me.
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Be Really

Mad doesn’t work anymore. Tried to get along with everyone, it is almost impossible, someone will be pissed. Life is tolerable if you just live it. Let all the crap go. Do not let ANYONE in your head. Be cool. Just do and live your life. Period.
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Hurry, hurry, HURRY

So much rush, rush, RUSH. / Why do people want everything immediately?? / Things will happen as they may… / Life does not revolve around me any more than it revolves around you. / People don’t get this.. / Rush to drive on the street, rush to do your job, rush to eat, rush to have fun??? / Then when you rush – the police ask you what’s your hurry, the world has waste……
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Too Much

………got to let it go, when the aggravation and anguish gets the best of you… it is just the way the world rolls, no one knows all the drama and bother that the world and others bring…. it is the territory, life just has the ups and the downs, don’t let any of it get to you. Be strong and patient. It is just what it is, nothing more and nothing less.
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