On an Eclipsed Morning on May the 21st, an Infant now known as Katz Karma was born wielding a Paintbrush in one hand & a Pencil in the other. Years later, In the Harsh World of Art she works hard on achieving her Artistic Goals.

Like a Razor in a Lollipop: Too Sugary to Handle on the Outside, But it Bites Back

She’s a quick Cat with a Fox’s spirit and even quicker hands. Going through styles like Lolita and sweeping up to the whimsical fabric-draped girls and dropping down to her impish hearts, K.K. will try it. Whatever simple idea that finds it’s way through her twisted brain waves, she makes ‘Everyday’ into a piece of work all on it’s own.The urge to draw started at an early age, from sneaking out of nap time into the art room when the teacher wasn’t looking to fighting for that perfect crayon color’s life as another child was going to eat it at the art table, whatever it may be Creativity has always run through her veins.Her first Gallery Showing was at the local Library’s Anime Gallery and she was able to sell all the pieces she placed in the showing and soon after sold more pieces online. Currently she is working on establishing herself with the Art Community.

I do make commissions, in your chose of mediums (Acrylic, Prismacolor Marker, Prismacolor Colored Pencil, Plain Ink, etc.), just email me at katz.karma@yahoo.com with the details. Prices are based on medium and size of canvas/paper.

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Painting Floral Advice?

So I’ve been asked to do an acrylic painted commission for a friend and it’s bigger than what I usually do (It’s an 18″×24″; I’ve only done one of these before) and I could really use some advice? / I really want this to look fantastic since she’s been telling other friends she’s getting a paid commission and wants to use it to decorate her fir…
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Got Blogger?

I recently have made an account with Blogger. Any other Blogspot users out there? If you want to follow my posts and for me to follow yours, then just use the link! :) / My Blogspot Link / There’s nothing posted yet (I’ve got so many projects going on, no time at the moment!) but keep an eye out for the posts. If you follow, it’ll be much easier on everyone! / But I’ll be …
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I received these Sepia Drawing Pencils from someone who went to England and brought them back for me. But they nor anyone else knows how to use them and I would really love to learn how to do Sepia. I’ve gone to the library and used the Internet for help sites but no one has any and I get weird looks when I’m asking about Sepia. / Does anyone know of any helpful sites, books, etc. …
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