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Manet´s Olympia turned upside down

Entworfen von Julia Keil
oil on canvas, 60x90cm, 2011 Featured in: Decorative and Traditional Art Group, Painters Universe ,Painters in modern Times, Art at its best First time I copied a piece of art - but liked to create more as a pure finger exercise,,,;-) I always liked Édouard Manet´s (1832-1883) painting Olympia (1863), especially the nudes pose and her gaze directly facing the viewer. And the composition and proportion are perfect.That is why I choose it for copying. You should copy to develop they told me and I see the point - But honestly spoken it is often boring isn´t it? If there is one positive thing I see, than that it indeed is kind of meditative. As a child of its time Manet´s painting is full of 19th centuries eurocentric orientalism. A long series of white odalisques and black servants....So the first decicion was to made Olympia black and her servant white. During the process of painting I questioned myself if painting a naked woman on the sofa might be as well a little bit old-fashioned style and gaze - like a candy in the candy box... I decided to turn her upside down , so it would be more difficult to stare at her boobs - my own style of safety filter ;-) Than I felt again that the whole composition would be more balanced if the servant is not turned upside down. Meanwhile Olympia feels very comfortable on her bed the jewelery,the cat and the shoe fall down and that is because the chaos was perfect anyhow and art cannot beat gravitation - and in this way I can make sure that my painting is not put on the wall turned upside down :-)

Manet´s Olympia turned upside down Gerahmter Kunstdruck

Entworfen von Julia Keil

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